Pointy Ears and Pokey Spears – A Warhammer Fantasy High Elf Spearmen Showcase

I want to share my unit of High Elf Spearmen, the older models, I just finished painting with you.

I am currently working toward my 5th Edition Warhammer Fantasy army for my High Elves. Points wise I have a full army collected, and surprisingly much painted. But its still not quite looking like an army. Previously I showed you my Korhil and a Great Eagle (that really should be named), for instance, and from before I have a unit of Swordmasters and a squadron of Dragon Princes painted up (hope to be able to showcase these for you soon).

Just up till now I have been painting on my unit of Spearmen to anchor my battle line. (Can you say that – “anchor” – about weedy elves, though? At least they’ll stand in the middle of it.) Here they are finished up in a very reasonable time for once; just a few weeks.

This unit was started by a few old models I got as a hand-me-down. To the initial nine I was looking to add a few more, but was very careful to get the associated shields as well. Shields are annoying to track down – just saying. In the end I got a good deal on another 20 models, unpainted even that I could add. Adding just a command group now I’ll have a nice round number of 32 of them. More than enough for those 5th ed games!

I went for a yellow base colour and gold armour with red trim this time – getting inspired after my mounted mage. Gold and orangey-red, together with turquoisey-blue has been the colour for my elves before, but I felt I wanted to add a bit of variation while still keeping the army looking coherent. I think these will work fine for that purpose. Fluffwise both colours can be tied to the Kingdom of Eataine.

Here they are – on a intentionally black movement tray.

Thanks for looking!



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