The Host of House Le’fer

It must have been spring 2003 and my cousins had just won a Warhammer starter kit. They had set up a little hobby room in our grandparents attic, where our uncle had helped them build a battle board. The stuff of legends it was! It looked like something fun to try and join in on. I was all hyped on fantasy with the Lord of the Rings movies coming out, so I was very susceptible to the idea of reenacting fantasy. Board games had always been fun and I liked painting and crafting too. The question for me, however, was whether to go the Warhammer route or potentially the Lord of the Rings route. With Warhammer I could join my cousins, but with Lord of the Rings I could perhaps collect two small forces, there didn’t seem to be much you needed, and fool a friend into the playing with me.

The race was clear from the beginning. It was always about elves and of the goodie sort, too. And before I new it Warhammer High Elves were chosen. However I never played with my cousins. Indeed it took three years until I got a game in. The first time in early 7th it must have been. I had Tyrion, some Silver Helms, some archers, perhaps some spearmen and a bolt thrower. And faced the dwarves of a chap I often play with, even today. I have a feint memory of attempting to field four (oh, the embarrasment) Silver Helms on my left flank. And charging Tyrion into some 20 Dwarf Warriors who broke him and run him down immediately… Oh, those days.

The collection this far (pictures will slowly appear)

  • Tyrion (old)
  • Teclis (old)
  • Tyrion (new, miscast 😦 )
  • Tyrion (new, metal, hobby road kill 😦 )
  • Caradryan
  • Korhil
  • Salafyn of the Annulii
  • Alarielle, the Everqueen (1996)
  • Dragonlord
  • Dragonmage
  • 3 Mages (Phoenix, Elemental, Converted)
  • Battle Standard Bearer
  • Griffon Rider
  • High elf Prince on Pegasus
  • 20 Sea guards, fc
  • 40 Spearmen, fc
  • 32 Archers, fc
  • 32 Archers, fc
  • 35 Maiden Guard, fc (as Sea Guard)
  • 15 Silver Helms
  • 6 Dragon Princes, old metal
  • 10 Dragon Princes, newer metal
  • 5 Ellyrian reavers
  • Tiranoc Chariot
  • 2 White Lion Chariots
  • 6 Shadow warriors
  • 15 White Lions (metal)
  • 12 White Lions (plastic)
  • 23 Phoenix Guards (metal)
  • 15 Sword Masters (new metal)
  • 15 Sword Masters (old metal)
  • 3 Bolt Throwers
  • 3 Eagles


(*knock, knock, knock*: Maiden Guard) – Arrived!

Expand with:

Another box of the current Spearmen, taking the Seaguard unit to 40-ish, before new comes out.
A couple of phoenixes. Sisters of Avelorn. Plastic Dragon Princes (10).


Changes 2013:

Bought: 37 – Alarielle and 35 Maiden Guard with full command, High elf Prince on Pegasus

Painted: 27 – 5 Swordmasters, Alarielle, 1 Maiden, 13 Archers, 12 White Lions


Results (AB2013) – W1 / D2 / L0

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