Alive! – A Vampire Counts Ghoul Showcase

My Warhammer Vampire Counts army comes Alive! with my skirmishing unit of Ghouls. Take a look!

Having been looking back at old rules, I have found the old 6th edition army book for Vampire Counts. After a bit of discussing with the Tall Beastman Steve, who is was enjoying the good ol’ 6th ed Beastman book that was around when he started with them. For him its all about that skirmishing horde of goats, or is it nostalgia.

What do I see here? For me it’s been very off-putting to build armies that need huge blocks to make it. For my 8th edition Vampire Counts army I envisioned a couple large blocks of zombies (with room for summons), one or two of Skeletons and one horde of Grave Guard. With my High Elves I worked around it by going MSU, which was really fun to play (LINK). The Skaven, on the other, hand big units suits the appearance of, in my opinion.

Its probably nostalgia but that Midhammer style is something that speaks to me. Units were of “reasonable” sizes, where even small units of 5-10 have something to bring to the table. For me that means a more varied pre-battle hobby.  You can work on the appearance of a unit of 15-20 to give them special touch and move onto the next.

And the armybooks are so pretty too.

Warhammer Vampire Counts Ghouls Hobbit Goblin Town

My Vampire Counts has been on the shelf for quite a while, as Elves are the first and the last for me. But I have also especially put off with them. Maybe its the army building thing. Maybe its just that we play so little fantasy nowadays – whatever shape. But now they are coming back to life as I go through the pages of the old army books.

I read the 6th edition book and I see the skirmishing unit of ghouls. I felt I should go horde with these too in 8th edition if I wanted to use them, and the models, GW’s, weren’t too much in my taste either. Mantic make decent ones, especially for the price (LINK). But Heresy Miniatures are better, if also pricier (LINK). But, as I was thinking about adding just a small unit (they’are low-lives, certainly not a bunch a decent vampire would like to be associated too) I realised, I’ve got them old Hobbit Goblin Town goblins that would suit these degenerated cannibals.

This is how they turned out in the same colours I have been using on the rest of my army – blue and bone. (Characters will get a dash of purple or red.)


4 responses to “Alive! – A Vampire Counts Ghoul Showcase

  1. Nice idea mate, these are way better ghouls than the actual GW minis! I may pinch this idea for my own undead horde 😉

  2. Agreed with Alex here. That’s a damned good idea for Ghouls, and I’ve got a set or two of these goblins. Especially considering the film’s colour scheme of their flesh, they’ll easily do double duty as you’ve shown here!

    • Quite a few must have a bunch of these ugly little fellows around. A double duty approach actually never crossed my mind, but that would be excellent for Age of Sigmar!

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