Great Old Eagle – An Oldhammer Great Eagle Showcase

Inspired by the Oldhammer Korhil model I had on my table I dig out my old Great Eagle. Have a look!

Having recently painted Korhil, the 90’s version I found cheaply on ebay, which I intended to use as a champion for my old school White Lions the thought came to again. I should do an old school high elf army. Right now I think I am in the odd place where some might consider my army old school, as it is mostly from the minis appearing during the 5th/6th edition of the High Elf armybook and then staying up until the last release during 8th edition, and others might think its nothing special. And that’s kind of a charm of the long lifespan of the game that ended with with the world shattered and Sigmar saved by Dracothion.

For me Old school is before when I started – 4th ed. Yes, I could go a few years beyond that, but I think this is a nice sweet spot. For many reasons – its the nineties for one.

Luckily the Goblin Librarian, also known as Chaos Beakie, has collected most armybooks of his youth. Soon I had it borrowed in my hands and could skim through all the John Blanche goodness available.


As for a plan I wrote up a list of all the units I have already, and noticed I am disappointingly far ahead. Again, its not about having a lot or having it all, but its about the journey and the discovery on the way to the end of the road.

The collection now includes:
A Hero on Pegasus
Korhil (also known as the champion of my White Lions)

10 Archers
25 Spearmen (after I caught 20 of them unpainted and with shields)
5 Silver Helms
10 Dragon Princes
10 White Lions
15 Swordmasters

An Eagle
A Griffon (aka Gertrud)

This turns out to be 2000 points already without named characters and magic items. Forward from here I think I’d just like to add two bolt throwers, the mage on a unicorn, some phoenix guard and some reavers. Asarnil or Old School Imrik wouldn’t be too bad either.

A few of these are painted already: Swordmasters, named characters, half of the Dragon Prices… But there’s a little way to go. Tracking down Asarnil (and trying to get a good price) might be quite fun and challenging.

Enough on this – this is how the Eagle turned out (sorry for the harsh lighting on the top-down images). I decided to go for a not too elaborate paint job, the model is after all not too advanced. Call it running with the inspiration but I did not fix the waist gap either – too neatly I mean – but I also feel this is about the model itself, and as such dry brushing draws out the sculpted feathers, as typical as they are. And so it will be in the future for this little project of mine.

A fun little side project, and a very characterful model!



7 responses to “Great Old Eagle – An Oldhammer Great Eagle Showcase

    • Thanks! It’s just drybrushing doing what it should! I tried to keep the colours old-schooly and cartoony too. But I can guarantee you, from my experience of eagle-watching in Ulthuan this turned out so natural that the mini would be attacked if placed in the Annulii! 😉

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