The Summonings of von Rosentod

Of the undead summonings of Baron von Rosentod

*How and when it began*

The collection this far

  • Mounted Vampire
  • Wight King on Foot (doubling as a vampire and necromancer)
  • Wight King BSB (FW)
  • 20 Skeleton Warriors (10 Swordsmen, 10 Spearmen, 1 command group)
  • 40 Zombies, with a hornblower and a banner
  • 10 Dire Spiders (one potential champion)
  • 4 Spirit Hosts
  • 5 Black Knights with lances and barding
  • A Cockatrice Varghulf

I still don’t know what I want to do with the army. A knight bus? Ghouls and Horrors are unattractive.


Changes 2013:

Bought: 0                   Painted: 0

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