The Forces of Good (Rohan)

Incidentally the Lord of the Rings SBG was one of the miniature games I came to choose between when entering the hobby around 2003. The scene, in the beginning of the first film, where elves are lined up and striing down the charge of the orcs really was impressive and Elves were the faction to get my attention. In the end I chose Warhammer Fantasy as my cousins were my most likely gaming partners (ironically we have never played due to a too long distance between us), and they were into Fantasy.

My first Lord of the Rings miniature I got from my girlfriend at the time for christmas 2008 or 2009 – Éowyn mounted and on foot. During the five years I had developed a taste for an epic cavalry charge as in Pelennor fields.

My eored this far:

  • Éowyn,
  • Théoden
  • Erenbrand
  • Merry
  • 24 Warriors of Rohan (8/8/8)
  • 12 Riders of Rohan (ofwhich one has banner)
  • 2 Outriders

Their allies are:

  • Gandalf, White mounted, Grey on foot.
  • A King of the Dead and 7 warriors with spears (found these cheap and turned them into four spirit host bases and hmm… why not a little warband.
  • An ent

Also, from the Escape from Goblin Town kit:

  • 13 Dwarves, and a hobbit

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