It’s Like Magic – A Warhammer High Elf Mounted Mage Showcase

Over a year ago I got an bunch of old elf minis from a buddy, the first mini to be painted was the mounted High Elf Mage, a mini I had been waiting to add a long time.

One thing that spoke to me when taking my first steps into the hobby and picking a faction – it was the abundance of creatures available to the elves. In terms of that, wood elves were indeed always a strong choice. Cavalrymen and chariots I’ve always been a fan of too, and when that Mary Sue way Elves have of talking to their bestial allies we hit home.

It was Silver Helms I first bought back then. But somehow a mounted mage eluded me – the awesome Tyrion model was soon in my hands though. So when I got the mounted mage I was really happy; it is a fine model as well!

This model seems to be a turning point as well. Previously I had a predominantly red colour scheme – bordering to orange – with blur/turquoise spot colours and lots of gold. I now have seen more yellow on my minis. To the points, as some might have seen that my Oldhammer (or Midhammer, if you will) minis are closer to this. Still, red is a strong colour and golden is my armour, so they’ll all fit together well.

(If there is one Chaos god to my taste it is Tzeentch.)


5 responses to “It’s Like Magic – A Warhammer High Elf Mounted Mage Showcase

  1. These old miniatures always have some very nice characteristics and a certain flavour that is hard to obtain through more modern figures for (we can call it nostalgia). One thing I however strongly prefer with modern figures are the horses, since the old horses are more or less only comical.

    • Its the same with the Great Eagle I recently painted up. It has this comical (as in in comics) flavour to it, I agree. But its also there in the army books. You can really look at old GW minis and fluff, take a look at when they appear, what notes you see and cross reference to the minis and further, to other companies’ minis as well.

      A Masters Thesis in Arts anyone? 🙂

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