Shieldmaiden – A Bad Squiddo Games Brynhildr Showcase/Review

I picked up a model from Bad Squiddo Games, Brynhildr, to paint up and maybe use as a captain for Rohan forces. Take a look! 

As I was looking around randomly at different available miniatures and bits for your kitbashes I found Bad Squiddo Games, formerly known as the Dice Bag Lady. Bad Squiddo Games not only have a good selection of female minis on the market, mostly hanging on to the less scantily clad ones, with a few barbaric exception.

I picked up a set of Gunnee Peegs (as you can see from my front image I might have a soft spot for these softies) and a Capycannon, but, as I wanted to see more of their own line of minis Brynhildr also found her way into my basket.

My intention for her would be a Captain in Lord of the Rings, maybe for some Axemen of Lossarnach or a War of the Rings company if that aspect of my Rohirrim ever turns into reality. In the Shieldmaiden series there are also a few other interesting ones (popular tv-series such as Game of Thrones and Vikings seem to get a nod), a banner bearer and a horn blower for instance – a great little command group. The Shieldmaiden Warriors, on the other hand, look to be less well sculpted, the faces to be exact (the contrast is quite large). But I might be curious enough to add these if I ever add the rest of the command group to my collection – is it the paint job, or is it hasted sculpting?

The quality of Brynhildr was very good though. Little flash, and good detailing. Not too much either, so she could easily work with realistic historical miniatures. Stylistically, the mini is somewhere between realistic and heroic scale, with the head a bit on the larger side, while hands and feet and axe of realistic scale. The batch also arrived rather quickly.

Enough squawking! Here’s how she turned out. Facial contrasts seem to have been eaten up by the lighting, but its something I’ll might revisit in a day or two, having seen the pictures. She should fit right in with my Rohirrim, maybe even taking Grimbold’s place (had this model only existed then…)


4 responses to “Shieldmaiden – A Bad Squiddo Games Brynhildr Showcase/Review

  1. Annie does a great job in bringing ‘proper’ female sculpts to a wider audience, and this is a lovely mini & very nicely painted! Nice job dude 🙂

  2. Nice paint work. Yes Annie’s Bad Squiddo female miniature range is splendid. You also can’t beat her enthusiasm for the hobby!

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