3-8 – A Three-way 8th ed 40k Bat-Rep

I crashed Mr.Easter’s and Fish’Pups 40k game and roll on in a bunch of trukks. This is how well it went.

With a new edition there’s always figuring out what any changes mean to your own army and how it plays; with 8th Edition Warhammer 40k, there seems to be more than usual. Having some time to spare I went on crashed the game Mr. Easter and Fish Pup was going to have. Last game was for me a random mishmash based on semi-educated guesses, but this time I wanted to go all-in on Trukks. My gut feeling was that it would probably fail miserably, spying that Trukks seem to be better of used as support rather than mainstay troops. (You miss out on a few of the orky benefits of mobs after all.)


My army consisted of four trukks – one loaded with Lootas, the rest with sluggaboys led by a Nob banna wave’ah and ‘Urghnould in mega armour.

The Tau infantry based army list can be found as a PDF file HERE; and the Tyranid army list can be found as a PDF file HERE – keywords here being Genestealers and Swarmlord for moving again in the shooting phase.


↑ Terrain and Deployment zones. We did a quick sketch-up of the deployment zones for a roughly equal starting point. Key points are roughly equal values to other objectives, and an equal distance to both opponents as to avoid a strong bias for a player to assail only one enemy player (usually translating to a less good game).

The mission is four objectives – 1 Vp for you own, 2 Vp for enemy objectives and 3 Vp in the end. We decided to only score at the end of the game just out of laziness. (Continuous scoring could be a strong alternative here.)


↑ Deployment. We rolled to choose table sides, the last one getting to start deploying. Orks, with only four drops get to go first followed by Nids and, finally, Tau. No one seized the initiative.


↑ Turn 1. Orks go first, something that doesn’t make things easier. Nids are quick as hell, while the Tau are ready to pump out a serious amount of shots. Unfortunately I sit with an odd number of assaulting units, so I cannot allocate equal numbers against both enemies. In the end I decide to send one trukk (with a banner) toward the centre objective, ‘Urghnould and friends against the Tau and the last slugga boyz towards the nids. The Lootas hang back. I leave a gap to the Tyranids as to prevent them from assaulting me before them – ‘Urghnould must then hang back for support as well.

A few pot shots does little good.


↑ Turn 1. The Tyranids genestealers of course are not hindered by a pesky gap of 18″ inches when the can get up to 30″ with no problem. They surround one of the Trukks and hope to destroy it as to be able to kill the passengers in the wreck. The Dice-gods are on my side, and the Trukk is left with one last wound left – the other taking a thorough beating as well. Crazy! (I missed that the Swarmlord was able to do that double move thingy and would otherwise have hanged back a bit more.)

The Broodlord is on the centre objective, while Poké-Bob (Carnifex) is running up towards the Tau after an assaulting horde of Hormagaunts.


↑ Turn 1. The Tau fall back and take out the assaulting Hormagaunts, by weight of fire but lost a unit of Fire Warriors. in the exchange. The Ghostkeel assaults the Trukk under a salvo of high-tech bursts but fails to destroy the ramshackle vechicle.


↑ Turn 2. Surrounded by a swarm of Genestealers the boys hop out in hope of a good fight. Under the flagging colours of Waaagh! ‘Urghnould they give it good to the sneakers, but get from the boot as well. The heavily damaged trukk goes up in fiery inferno killing more orks around. ‘Urghnould’s selected few do a better job and take down the Ghostkeel with little effort.

(That looks like a pile of pinned boyz, right there.)


↑ Turn 2. To put more wood to the fire, the Broodlord decides to help out and charges ‘Urghnould and the Bannah wav’ah. The Sneakers take out the remaining boyz with little effort. But ‘Urghnould is a tougher nut to crack, but ‘es not tough enough to crack the Broodlord in one go…


↑ Turn 2. Meanwhile the Swarmlord bites a hail of overwatch and takes on the Tau lines. (The Carnifex is busy elsewhere.)


↑ Turn 2. The Stealth suits fall back, and the Tau lines pepper the Swarmlord to little effect.


↑ Turn 3. To get a bit more of the action, ‘Urghnould’s posse charge into the Tau as well along the tracks of the Trukk. ‘Urghnould falls to the Broodlord, after the sneaky git dodges all the brutal attacks!


↑ Turn 3. The Genesneakers and the Broodlord decide to put their efforts into cracking the Tau defensive formation.


↑ Turn 3. Poké-Bob and the Gaunts try to pound in the faces of the Stealth Suits but one tough one is left standing.


↑ Turn 3. For the Tau its rinse with oxidizing incendiary fuel and repeat, as the lines fall back and pour on the dakka.


↑ Turn 4. The Ork force was turned into a shooty force – now the Lootas pour the dakka into the suits, and together with the trukks’ rokkits they manage to take out two out of three.

(Here I made a mistake – had I moved the trukk up more against the centre of the board I could have been able to reach the centre objective still. Now I was just a few inches short as I began planning target priority a bit too vividly too early.)


↑ Turn 4. The hour grows late and the forces few. The Swarmlord refuses to die, no matter the punishment. The Carnifex is not a softie either as he is preparing to take on whatever fate brings. Tau is now preparing to move forward towards the objective leaving a few Fire Warriors to hold the home objective. A stealth suit is holding back to jump wherever it needs to as well.


↑ Turn 5. Endgame. That was a tough last shot for the Orks as it could easily decide the winner. Ideally it would be end up in a worse situation for both the Tyranids and Tau and a potential global draw, but no. The Lootas ended up doing absolutely nothing. The Tau also managed to neatly kill the Carnifex, and the Swarmlord as well – the latter in a desperate charge. A forward move that successfully claimed the key objective.

What a game! Although not taking part in the main action it was brutal to see the violence dished back and forth. It was frustrating to mess up with the Genestealers being able to use the Swarmlord’s ability, partly of a miss-communication in the excitement. On the other hand it was (painfully) amusing to see how brutal a unit of 20 of them can be, especially having been a rare sight before. I did force myself to think about how to use trukks in game – and that something. I liked how the Lootas worked, it feels much safer to sit in a Trukk rather than to sit in a ruin nowadays. May they keep rolling that way.

How useful Trukks, or Trukkboyz, will be as a mainstay unit I am even more doubtful of now. Loosing both much of the benefit of the Mob Rule, and the mob bonus of +1 attack when in large units, seems like a big loss for a small benefit – one move essentially for the price of 12 boyz or so. A personal attachment to Stormboyz does not help the Trukks’ case either…

But now – onward to further battles and less speculation!


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