Weirdo Harlequin – A Classic Warhammer 40k Ork Weirboy Showcase

At some point I got quite excited about weirdboys. with the new (self-)destructive rules, I decided to paint up one of the oldies – A Rogue Trader era Evil Sunz Weirdboy.

Somewhere along the road a strong presence of Weirdboys have manifested in my ranks ork horde. It might be the strong Waaagh!! energies surging around the Big Boss ‘Urghnould himself, or maybe a manifestation of long times of warp travel. Which is fun when the occasional daemonic surge happens onboard your Kroozas, Rokks etc your boyz are sittin’ in. Its always a good fight.

The thing is. The weirdboy is a powerful asset when aimed properly, which during a grand battle with all the green energy surging greenskin through greenskin can be quite tricky. And lethal (in a general direction).

This git is one of my favourites of the old Weirdboys – the Harlequin/Fool for an Evil Sunz force (as named). A Voodoo Witch Doctor sits on my table as well. That weirdboy being reluctantly aimed by two handlers is also a hit that might be sought after. Maybe one could pick these all up one by one? And then of course the new Ironjaws Shaman is a model most ork players should be inclined to pick up now.

I decided to go wild on this one – this suits the ork, this suits the model and what it represents. Being clad jester-like a harlequin-style paint job came instantly to my mind. After setting course it was just about feeling for the right colours and going bit by bit. Which is always a very amusing way to paint. The result of course is a riot of colours in my ork army. Good times.


I also decided to make another go at a spinny GIF. That is what the larger base is for – on it I ticked the angles which I should align a mark on the actual base (that moulding-mark bases have). The result is better than the whimsical Shaltari Space Station I did before. But, although the light was good you can actually see white-balance differences between pictures that are probably coming from just a varying degree of white puffy-clouds getting in the way. (This could be fixed by putting more time into fine-tuning each image – but I’m not up for that today 🙂 .)



4 responses to “Weirdo Harlequin – A Classic Warhammer 40k Ork Weirboy Showcase

  1. Such a cool mini – love the paint job mate, and I just spotted that he has a cool little beard going on as well! Awesome 🙂

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