Bladelords – A Warhammer High Elf Swordmaster Showcase

A few years ago I painted up a unit of Marauder era High Elf Swordmasters, never knowing what ripples they would cause. 

One of the treasures I found “under the table” in a local FLGS was this unit of Swordmasters, those Marauder type. Back then I just thought about being able to field a second unit of Swordmasters (now I somehow even have a third, a second unit of the later metal set). Now, they are forming the backbone of what is, in my mind for now, that Oldhammer/Midhammer High Elf army I see forming day by day.

Last Friday me and Mr. Easter played a game of Kings of War, the second time we tried the rules (I’ll get into this in one of my next posts). Having my Elves all over the place in different boxes, adding one after the other as I filled them, I decided to pack them a bit tighter. Though I could field them all in a Crusader case, but that is another story. Before I can get further I need to line all my High Elves up and really let the amount sink in. (I just hope this certain significant Otter misses this update, or at least can shrug it off.)

Anyway, these ones are of a bit different colour scheme than my newer old-school additions, but nonetheless, the colours are basically the same so they should fit right in. 🙂



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