Archery Support – A Classic Warhammer High Elf Archer Showcase

I finish the archers for my 5th edition Warhammer High Elf force.

Just a quick little post this time. I’ve finished my plastic High Elf archers, and intended to put them up here a while back already. But no (I think).

Here they are, just added that last touch by painting their eyes dark as the artwork in the 6th edition rulebook shows them. It looks suitably alien, especially in the eyes of a man I imagine.

This unit is still missing a command group, and then I have my second core unit painted up giving me a painted army as:

High Elf General
29 Spearmen
11 Archers (with a full command group)
15 Swordmasters (with a full command group)
5 Dragon Princes (most of a command group)
A Great Eagle

On the painting table I have 16 White Lions I hope to finish soon, and a hero on a peggy. Currently I am hunting a pair of Bolt Thrower for the next addition. Those and some Phoenix Guard and command groups and I’ll be quite ready with the collecting, having some Silver Helms hidden around.

Yay 🙂


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