Old Goats on Rampage – A Warhammer Classic 7th edition High Elf vs Beasts of Chaos BatRep

After a first devastating defeat (and lunch) the Tall Guy, also known as Nababbo, is hungry for revenge in the forests of Olden Glory.

A while back I posted the first 6th/7th ed battle report (read A Returning HERE). (Read we used 6th edition armybooks with the 7th edition main rule set.) Between the Edge of the Abyss campaign for Kings of War I have been pushing forward writing the second game. So much in fact that a second day of gaming WHFB 6th/7th edition has gone by and is waiting for me. You can see this as my apology for keeping it short and shallow – all the details are lost.

I kept the same list as the game before:

The High Elf army
A Prince, mounted with Vambraces of defence (rerollable AS, 4++), Ring of Corin (bound magic missile) and a Sword of Might.

A Mage, level 2 with High Magic and a dispel scroll

12 Archers, musician
12 Archers, musician
25 Spearmen, full command
15 Swordmasters, full command
15 White Lions, full command
5 Dragon Princes
2 Tiranoc Chariots
A Bolt thrower

We talked about list making during lunch a bit, and found out that it would be much smarter to take a Wargor with Mark of Tzeentch instead – so there was that change. Also, another chariot found its way in. Overall the list is the same anyway.

The Beasts of Chaos
Beastlord, 2 hand weapons, heavy armour
Wargor BSB, heavy armour
Bray Shaman, level 2, Staff of Darkoth, Braystaff
Wargor, Mark of Tzeentch

2 Tuskgor Chariots
2 Beastherds, 10 Gors, 5 ungors. Full command, the other with the Mark of Tzeentch
2 Bestigor herds, 20-ish full command, the other are Khorngors
2 Centigor Herds
3 Minotaurs

Keeping it simple we just went for a standard Pitched Battle once more. Murder! Death! Kill! Haha!

Warhammer Fantasy High Elves Beasts of Chaos

↑ Deployment. We both try to outdeploy each other. I spread out units as to not commit to either flank, but it I set my archers on the hill to get to fire with another rank. This time the Minotaurs are flanking – facing off White Lions and Shadow Warriors (nowhere else to go). More archers are in the tower. Dragon Princes deploy dead centre with Prince covered by the searmen. The right flank is held by the chariots and the Swordmasters ready to counter any ambushers.

The beastmen have a solid centre with Bestigors and Khorngors, chariots and a beast herd. The right flank is covered by the two Centigor units.


↑ The centre of the Beastmen line.


↑ Archers and chariots stand opposed. 


The Beastmen move forward. Carefully. The elves try to push the odds into their favour before committing. The bonus spell to High Magicians – Fortune is Fickle – is a great boon. At a chosen casting value you can remove the opponents rolls of 4s, 5s, and/or 6s in the magic phase. Last game I failed every time I tried to cast it. This time I fare better.


↑ Shadow Warriors harass the Minotaurs. But the Minos don’t take the bait this time.


↑ Ambush! The second beast herd appear in the middle of the High Elf line disrupting the formation. Who ordered the spearmen forward?!


↑ The Elves hold the line stoically. Minotaurs crash into the White Lions and the chariots push forward carefully enough not to suffer ill effects of the difficult terrain.


The White Lions fell the Minotaurs surprisingly, after the Shadow Warriors add their weight to the fray with a rear charge.


The Prince charges forward on his own, in a hunger for glory. Moving the whole unit up would have been much more dangerous to flee with, and would take much more damage in case they would stand fast in the face of the charging herd. Will it work?


Besiegers. The Beast herd charge the archers hunkering in the tower.


↑ Imminent charges. The Prince is pushed back, while the Tiranoc chariot counter-charges a Tuskgor Chariot. The Swordmasters are flanking up the battlefield. At this point archers and the other chariot have removed the Centigor threat from the battlefield freeing up movement on the right flank of the elves.


Thunderous charge! The Dragon Princes manage to destroy the Bestigors in the centre with the aid of a flank charge by the archers. The High Elves have a good position.


Countered! The Khorngors countercharge and manage to drive the Dragon Princes off from the centre of the Battlefield.


The elves combine their efforts to take out the Elite Beastment. But they prove to be a tough nut to crack.


A grinding battle is on. But can the White Lions still reach to aid their kinsmen? The spearmens’ numbers are dwindling already.


Before the reach the rear of the Khorngors they are attacked by the Beast herd. The Bestigors rally and charge the Swordmasters of Hoeth. The two chariots are grinding through their own fight (top right).


↑ Disarray. The Beast Herd break the White Lions and pursuit. In the centre, the Khorngors are broken and run down. To the right, the Bestigor exact their revenge on the Swordmasters and cut them down. Brutal!


The two battlelines are meeting again as the battle is coming to an end. The High Elves try desperately to run cut down the Beast herd, while the Bestigors are sweating to reach the archers while suffering a hail of arrows. The chariot wars are ultimately won by a single beastman chariot which manages to destroy its foe while its colleague and the other Tiranoc chariot crashes into each other in the river destroying both.

The game ended as a draw after table quarters and banners were counted for. Another awesome game!


3 responses to “Old Goats on Rampage – A Warhammer Classic 7th edition High Elf vs Beasts of Chaos BatRep

  1. Nice read and I liked the pictures. I don’t know if it was the lighting or something you did intentionally, but I thought the greenish tint lent a certain ambiance.

  2. Thanks for reading! The tint is purely accidental, really. Outside the sun is shining coldly, and inside the lighting is warm – if I could have I’d have tried to get a neutral color. But you have me thinking one could play around with that.. I think I gotta try that 😀

  3. The light effects you see in those pictures is what you get when light goes through Poisontail’s 15 acres botanical garden with lush verdant jungle plants. Not easy to recreate. 😛

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