Skiing up a spruce tree in 10mm – Making Dropzone Commander Terrain

When seasonal decorations pop up in the shops, all wargamers should rejoice. It’s terrain project time.

I was buying a Father’s Day card for my grandad when I saw these spruce-twig decorations probably inteded for wreaths. Before me they turned into something else though – they turned into some of those organic components we sorely miss in our Dropzone Commander games. So that’s what had to be done.

Luckily they were easily untwined. This left me with the job of cutting out small bases, or stands, for them. Cutting out stands for one to three trees (can’t say they look much like coniferous trees anymore – so a generic ‘tree’ must suffice) with room for the occasional shrub. Mr. Easter prefers his growth in botanic areas, while I’d rather be in the wilderness. I decided to humour him with two pairs of a more cultivated right geometry. The rest I gave rounded wavy shapes for a natural feel.

Then I super glued the cut trees with the help of a small blob of green stuff. Then it was simply time to sand and paint.


After painting, and before adding snow I added a few bushes of Woodland Scenics tree crown fluff dipped in diluted PVA befpre glueing to the base.

As the surface of decorations is often hydrophobic or generally non-sticky (amfiphobic if you will), painting it will be difficult. (I saw that already with my Sylvaneth killer christmas tree made from a cake decoration last year LINK.) So I kept the winter theme and added snow to the base – This is old GW  static snow. A couple of layers of snow with some thinned out PVA glue on top gives a proper snowy look, without that powdery feel of out of the box faux snow.

And here we go!


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