Return, Stormcasts – Stormcast Eternals Battletome AoS 2.0 impressions

Its interesting times for Age of Sigmar players with a new edition coming out. But is really a new battle tome for Stormcast Eternals warranted?

Man, that was a good break! But the Wheel in the Nerd kept on turning – and since I’ve been gone a new edition popped out from a very expected somewhere. I was actually a bit thrown with a new edition appearing already. But, I soon realised it was just me being slow. I’ve been looking around to get a feel for what the change was about. Generally, people appear to appreciate the changes and, looking through the rules, I agree. This feels like a game more than the last.


The releases have also been very interestingly entwined with how the narrative unfolds and the “world” evolves. Personally it’s been very interesting to follow the development of a world from the start, knowing that the boots the new system, the new world, would try to fill out were huge. The plot started out, in the first edition, with Sigmar being forced to take action and get out more. This is also the first boxed set. The Realmgate Wars series tells us how the realms are connected, while it furthers the fluff and introduces new factions. The second boxed set comes here with the Blightwar being fought to clear the Realm of Life (also known as Sigmar cannot do just what he wants himself). Shit start to get bad again with Chaos, and the Malign Portents show that shit is just about to hit the fan. (Seriously, check out the short stories found on the official webpage  (LINK) if you are interested in the world. There is a lot of hidden information about what is going on behind the scenes.) And now two gods fight over a precious fossil fantasy fuel as Sigmar and Nagash go Soul Wars.

It appears to be a clever way to be able to develop the world while still being able to move some product, as a company needs to. They also seem to have their tendrils out for the community opinion and may such even respond to that – who knows these days.

The Age of Sigmar brand falls on the shoulder of an animated tin of sigmarite.

That’s what is pushed, which makes sense as much ground needs to be covered in short order to get a world that has depth. From that point of view I understand keeping the stormcast hype on. But does this warrant a new book – again?

The book has swollen with a good 20 pages, which is expected as there are once more a handful of units to fit in. These numbers do not tell the whole story though. We have decreased the number of pages with nicely staged scenes and minis from 22 to 16, but also the pages describing the Warscroll batallions have gone done from 20 to 10. In the last Battle tome we also had the main rules included (conveniently I think), this is no more. This is 30 pages of content that has been added. And take a look at a comparison below, the font is even smaller:


Holy Hammer!

The additional content is partly focussing on the Sacrosanct Chamber that are commanded to figure out what goes wrong during the reforging process. But, everything is fleshed out – Chambers, general background etc. Another general addition is what I assume addresses to the question – With immortal soldiers won’t Sigmar win in the long run? That is, the flaw in the reforging. (The answer is a intricate no in case you wonder.) This is used to give further flavour to the different chambers, where previously they have mostly been set apart by their preferred tactics and strategies. It’s used to put more grimdark to the universe, going back to the branding of the games. With the progressing storyline I am left with the question –  how far will it go? Will some Chambers even go rogue? Looking at the artwork I wouldn’t be surprised to see it go further (excerpts below).

I do like that they get some character, and gives the players some good ideas (simply go at it, really) on how to personalise their minis.

So is it any good?
With all the new background and the new units – and not all minis even released yet. I think they actually give good reason to pick it up, the content is thoroughly expanded. While sceptical at first, I’m happy I to have picked it up!

-Craploads of new fluff
-Lots of new units (fantastical beasts and where you find them)
-More flavour to the Stormcasts

-Another Battletome for Stormcasts in short order


This guy I haven’t even seen hinted at yet, as people only focus on the monstrosities found in the book.


5 responses to “Return, Stormcasts – Stormcast Eternals Battletome AoS 2.0 impressions

  1. I personaly dont feel that i am ready yet for AoS books… as you might know i collect the WH books becuase i cant afford the figurines nor have the time for table tops. I do however own book 1 and 10 of realmgatwars

    • Its a great time to pick up those older army books! Been thinking about it myself – on ebay there’s plenty enough for one to find them affordably. I like the setting so I’ve been following along as good as I can. I haven’t been really able to get in many games either, but its interesting to see how things unfold

  2. I do have to say that the quality of the models alone is making me want to take a look at AoS. Interesting review.

    • They are spectacular, aren’t they. But more and more I feel the come at the price of poseability. Then again, the poses are more varied than the old two/three variants available 😀

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