Huntress – A Neave Blacktalon Age of Sigmar Showcase

Here’s my take on Neave Blacktalon for the Stormcast Eternals in the ‘Heavenly’ colour scheme I’ve chosen for my force.

Recently I shared a Blightwar box with a buddy (occasionally known as Rotten Pops for his favourism of the Rotten, Twisted and Mostly Dead). This gives me a decent amount of Stormcast Eternals (that I still need to sort out). Turning and twisting and almost changing my colour scheme back to something metallic, I kept my head and didn’t surrender to this whim. (Nonetheless, I still look for an excuse to try some of the metallic shifting colours that can be found all over the place these days – If you have used them, please show and thus let me know. See e.g. Greenstuff world’s Colourshift series here LINK.)

Primarily looking to paint the Vanguard-Pallador and the Star-eagles, it was also interesting to see a female Stormcast Eternal. While I’m not sure why a female Stormcast would look any different than a male (considering that Human, Dwarf and Elf all look alike after being stormforged) I realise that it is the only way to convey through the miniature that this is a female – and still be able to give that impression a meter or two away. With that in mind I’m glad to see the new female minis, including for instance the Malign Portents Warqueen, bear a posture and figure of strength rather than lithe and nimble.

Enough with the words – here’s how Neave Blacktalon turned out after a few weeks on the painting table.


I kept the same colour scheme as before (see LINK). Starting of with a white undercoat and glazing the white-to-be armour with turquoise colours (Temple Guard Blue and Sotek Green with Vallejo Glaze Medium). High lighting with super-thin layers of White Grey (and adding pure white to a few selected areas). The gold is Averland Sunset with Seraphim Sepia Shade, highlighted with Averland Sunset, Vallejo Flat White, Ushabti bone and all up to White Grey. For the purple I’ve simplified a bit to keep my Warlock Purle as clean as possible, and I now glaze with Xereus Purple, re-highlight with Warlock Purple and Edge highlight with a mix of Warlock Purple with Emperor’s Children (as necessary).

The challenge here was the fur cloak. I decided I wanted it to be rather orange to tie in with the gold but still be rather different from the rest of the mini – and significantly contrasting to the base. Mournfang Brown is a warm, yellowish brown so I started there -adding Vallejo Orange Brown and finally even Vallejo Light Orange. In order to get a clear colour I needed to drybrush first some grey white onto the lightest areas and go back to the clear orange. Shading was done with Rhinox Hide/ Vallejo Chocolate Brown glazes and also careful use of Agrax Earthshade Shade. Finally, some strands of hair was cleaned up with the colour suitable to the fur area.

I feel I got to the next level (quite a few to go) with my fur-cloak painting, as I find the fur actually shifts colour a bit depending on which angle I look at it. Overall, I’m quite happy with Neave. Now I feel the colour scheme, which I wasn’t too comfortable with at first, is getting me where I want to. Let’s hope a full army will look good as well!


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