Freshmen – A Warhammer 40k Dark Angels Scouts Showcase

I am reading through the Dark Angels codex and painting some Scouts to try to get some grip on the new edition. Here’s how the first squad of 5 turned out.

I was set on sticking to my Orks as a start for the 8th edition. Yeah, I’m slow this time around but the game has not been opening to me – I think I lost track when editions came out like shells from an assault cannon. But now there’s a slight kindle. As it turns out its the Dark Angels this time that I can get a grasp on…

Warhammer 40k Dark Angels Scouts

It was very fun to get back to the Dark Angels again for this squad. I never was too sure about the colour scheme for my Dark Angels, the Harbingers of Repentance, but now I enjoyed painting the strong vivid colours a lot! One could even go and say they are a bit old school, like the popping red of the Blood Angels. However, the Dark Angels were brooding already back then.

The cloaks, yeah. As I had decided to go snow-theme for my bases, with a greyish soil underneath, painting the cloaks with a snow-camo pattern or simply grey would have been the obvious choice. That didn’t feel right at all!

I had to put down the paint brush for a while until the idea settled in properly – I wanted them to be fully space fantasy. Now I can imagine the scouts standing on top of a ridge in the gloaming. One is looking up on that ridge and sees only the darkening sky and stars alighting slowly. I felt this also goes well with the technology, or technomancy if you like, of the 40k universe. Star cloaks – why not.

11 responses to “Freshmen – A Warhammer 40k Dark Angels Scouts Showcase

  1. They have to be the brightest space Marines in existence! The cloaks are fantastic. Love them!
    Iā€™m in a similar vein with 40k, I have my first game on Friday. Finger on the pulse and all that.

  2. Wow – that isn’t what I was expecting to see when I read the title… These are really cool mate, those cloaks are excellent!

  3. The cloaks are indeed excellent. Very smooth blend. I like ghat your colour scheme underlines the light hearted aspects of 40k. The game world is pretty silly at the best of times and your colour choices embrace it.

    • Thank you! Its never a bad thing to add some colour to ones life šŸ™‚ I secretly prefer that mid-1995 GW artwork to anything later. It’s not even nostalgia – I started properly around 2005. šŸ˜®

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