Chimaera – Unboxing the Shaltari Scorpion for Dropzone Commander

When TTCombat announced they would release some limited availability minis it was time for me to grab the alternative Jaguar for my Shaltari – the Scorpion. Here are my first impressions.

It sounds like it has been quite a ride for Hawk Dave over the last couple of years. Their Dropfleet Kickstarter being killer enough to have the small company at their knees, only to be saved by TTcombat. If saved is what they were. The start for TTcombat has also been interesting to follow and it seems once again the player base could overwhelm the production line. Let’s just hope they’ll be able to make things run smoothly before people get annoyed.

As my order apparently did not make it out of the UK before the Beast from the East arrived I just got my hands on it. Mr.Easter was into a few antique ships, Starfleet went for some transport, and I decided to pick up some Shaltari reinforcements. The essential part being a Scorpion. (Had I not had two Jaguars from before I would have picked up a second.)

Opening the roll of bubble wrap I decided to an unboxing post. Maybe someone will be interested in what the Scorpion looks like (who knows it might be available again on some special occasion) – or someone might just be curious how well TTcombat can handle their Hawk resin.

↑ The contents here in the Scorpion blister was very similar to the Jaguar’s. You get a main hull, the hips and legs (this time four legs, not three), a turret and some AA guns. I believe the AA guns and the turret is identical to that of both the Kukri and the Jaguar.

One idea that this brings to mind is combining the Scorpion hull with the different available turrets of the other war striders.


↑ Here’s a close-up of the hips and legs. There is some flash, but nothing that makes the life difficult.

↑ The body – or chassis. I can spot no bubbles whatsoever – with details this small those are very hard to fill discretely. However, in the rightmost picture of the nose of the Scorpion you can see an annoying thing. Misalignment. It will not be too easy to spot at a distance, and luckily only the head of the mini is affected. Also, the location is such that it could be painted as a hull detail especially if its neatened up.
Notice how the body has a designed waviness to it giving it a forward motion – the head being slightly angled and lower than the circular disc that makes up for the body.

The turret and gun I feel warrants no picture. Again, its good quality all around, except from some detail underneath the turret that will be completely invisible anyways.

Final verdict. I see no change is standard even as the moulds have changed hands. In fact, there seems to be less bubbles than those few I’ve spotted on Hawk stuff before. However, there is some flash or misalignment in the pieces. Nothing that is hard to get rid of or takes a lot of preparation time. A solid cast!
The first impressions of the Scorpion is that it will give a nice variation to the War Striders that will make their way to the force. In a sense it might even be bulkier. Getting a closer look of the mini actually raises a few questions on whether one could swap the Ion cannon turret for something more… exciting…


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