Gateway Dropzone

The MekBoy, turns up and says – Hey, I’ve got a Dropzone army. Show me how it works.

The largest, most insane, collection of Dropfleet in this corner of the know Galaxy, behind the Cradle worlds, has been collected by the MekBoy, also known as Starfleet after he sold his Adeptus Mechanicus army to get hold of more Dropfleet stuff.  (I need to play some Lord of the Rings with him before he sells off those too.) We started talking one game about Dropzone and how it uses common mechanics and makes them its own by simply changing the so called to-wound-chart. Add changes to movement and a twist to scenarios and all comes down in a nifty, different package. We talked about linking games, and a kindle started in his eyes.

Suddenly, he said that General Wade was heading his way before the holidays. Then he said he had made an order of an army around New Year. The first week this year it arrives and now he sits on a base painted UCM army worked around heavy tanks – his favourite – and, suitably, General Wade.

Drozone Commander UCM Shaltari IMG_20180123_184032

That above is only a fraction of it, but the Jackdaws or whatever are Mr. Easters.

After a flu attempts to get a game in we managed so (pun intended). Simply doing a 1000 point run for Intel, simple. I hadn’t played DZC in a few weeks so I was a bit rusty as well but this was a good time to review the rules. I think (read: hope) he liked it and we are looking forward to our next game. It was fun to see how a different approach he has to the game compared to Mr. Easter. Starfleet works more around working with concepts – combined from both fluff, models and rules – while Mr. Easter is more pragmatic working from theory or an evidence-based practise when prepping a force.
It’s very healthy for our game to have another gamer around to shake things up. In fact, there might be yet another as a member of the Smug-Dophin Society (seriously, just look at those ships, man) that is the Pro-Hamburger Riot came and watched the intro.

We were mostly sneaking around each other, but did get a few pot shot. Starfleet managed to round up a decent kill-count while I was sending in the Pungari while the Walls the walls come down. Wade will probably take some thought to field properly, but he is sitting on a few interesting command cards (wanna shoot twice with your heavy armour or shoot after dropping?). Creds also for opening the Famous Commander box here.

It was fun to take out the hogs for a roll! So much that it was easy to hop on the boat when TTcombat re-released the Hawkstuff (LINK) along with a few exclusives (old and new). I don’t know how or when I’ll fit in a Scorpion with three ordinary Jaguars in the list, but the challenge is accepted.


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