Yule the Workshop 1/2 – A Kings of War Elves vs Forces of Nature Seasonal BatRep

We finally get past round two in our seasonal mini-campaign. Here’s a rundown of my and Keef Ditchard’s game no. 2.

As the armies have found Canute’s lands they now fight to grab as many presents as possible for themselves.

The campaign rules can be found here (LINK), and the first two games have been reported here (LINK – Elves vs T-Kin) and here (LINK – Dwarves vs F-o-Nature).

This game was about holding a central objective (the workshop), and 4 loot tokens (presents) placed by the players. We were borderline boring and placed the presents (4 for us) uniformly along the two centre lines as equally as we possibly could. The Elves get to deploy first, and then get to choose who gets the first turn as well.

MAPKings of War Elves vs Forces of Nature IMG_20180112_203717

↑ Deployment. Marked in green are the present markers; the building in the middle is also an objective. Keef Ditchards went for a magic item heavy list, much against his nature, to avoid adding allies in order to get to the 1500 points.


The Elf army deployed. The house in the middle proved to be a tough nut. On top of that, one table half had two forests covering large areas towards the opposite half. The other had some blocking terrain and a large pool of goo.

I chose the side with trees due to being faster I could then avoid combats in them, while the Forces of Nature with Pathfinder would have been able to use them defensively to their favour. The centre would be anchored by the Tallspear horde. One of the two Palace Guard unit would hold the other side, and the other I hoped could swing to either side as need dictates. A quick unit of flankers were deployed on each side together with archers as chaff/support. On the far flank (right) the Bolt Thrower would have the best line of sight.

Kings of War Elves vs Forces of Nature IMG_20180112_203730

↑ Forces of Nature deployment. Keef deployed in the centre of his deployment zone ready to strike towards all objectives as quick as stones can roll.


↑ Elves Turn 1. I decide to go first, to be able to put some pressure onto the Forces of Nature. On the right flank the archers hop into the forest as the Tallspears move up towards the centre. The Stormwind cavalry move up to threaten the flank of any unit that decides to eagerly move up. (Here I should have opened up the possibility to At the Double past the FoN battleline, as well…)

The other flank moves up similarly. After seeing the enemy deployment the Maiden Guard (Palace Guard) is moving to support the Tallspears.

Shooting does no significant damage to the enemy.


↑ The Forces of Nature Turn 1. There is little movement on the left flank. There is no need to commit to either side with the Salamanders, and moving up the Lesser Earth Elementals means losing the protection provided by the rock pillar. The right flank counters the elven movement a bit more.


↑ Elves Turn 2. The Elves are still taking measure of the enemy and moving up the battlefield to put pressure onto the enemy. On the left flank the rough terrain is felt, and the Tallspears are forced to carefully advance. The archers manage to wound the salamanders, who shrug off the damage.

Kings of War Elves vs Forces of Nature IMG_20180112_214655

↑ Forces of Nature Turn 2. The Lesser Earth Elementals surge forward towards onto the Stormwind cavalry. The rocks cannot reach the horsemen but they are effectively pinned. The Peggy Lightning Bolts the elf bolt thrower for 2 wounds.


Elves Turn 3. The Drakons can reach the flank of the Salamanders in the middle of the battle line. At a defence of 5+ with a Nerve 15/17 (magic item) they will suffer on average 6 points of damage by the Drakons. In the middle of the battle I overestimate the Drakons’ damage output, but, nonetheless, having a unit of Drakons in the middle of his line piles pressure onto Keef. So its a charge! The Drakon riders do well – 10 wounds – and the Salamanders are Wavered!
Seeing the numbers I would, in hindsight, have been a bit more conservative. Especially as the Lesser Earth Elementals are Surgeable.

The Stormwind cavalry charge the rocks shambling towards them and do 4 wounds (Headstrong to 3).

Shooting from Bolt Thrower and Kindred Archers is focussed on the Hunters of the Wild who only suffer 1 wound.


Forces of Nature Turn 3. Keef rolls up his sleeves for some charges: The Earth Elementals charge the Stormwind Cavalry, the Hunters of the Wild charge the Archers, and the Drakons are assaulted by the last unit of Lesser Earth Elementals. The Drakon are Destroyed (18 damage taken), but Archers are filled with implacable bravery and hold after taking a good beating (7 wounds). Stormwind cavalry hold (3 wounds taken)


Elves Turn 4. The tall spears and archers combo charge the Hunters, who are Routed (but only suffer 2 wounds!). The Stormwind cavalry are healed by the Green Lady (the real deal) and charge the Lesser Earth Elementals for 1 wound. Salamanders are dealt another 2 wounds and test nerve at 9 (after some healing) but they hold well. The bolt thrower does 2 wounds to Peggy.

I decide to keep the threat of the Tall Spears directed towards the centre so that the Greater Earth Elemental and Salamanders wouldn’t get any ideas about pushing forward. I am currently holding 3 presents, Forces of Nature only one. It is highly unlikely either of us will be able to take the Workshop in the middle. 


Forces of Nature Turn 4. The Forces of Nature are getting annoyed at the Stormwind, and double charge them. They take 4 wounds and are wavered. The Lesser Earth Elementals move and surge at the Palace Guard dishes out 10 wounds. They are wavered. The charlatan Green Lady heal 6 wounds in the Salamanders.


Elves Turn 5. With two units wavered (Palace Guard and Stormwind Cavalry) the turn is not very action-packed. The Archers grab the objective on the left flank and start moving for cover. The Krampus is still sitting on its own. The Palace Guard regenerate 4 wounds (2 left) making Keef curse the Green Lady’s Honour Guard as hard as Mr. Easter. On the other side of the building the Maiden Guard sneak forward for a surprise flank charge next turn. The Green Lady herself heals the Stormwind cavalry. On the right flank the Archers and Bolt thrower do 2 wounds to the Pegasus.


Forces of Nature Turn 5. The Lesser Earth Elementals push hard on the Palace Guard. The elven elite infantry take another 6 wounds but hold fast. The Pegasus and Rocky friends finally route the cavalry. The Maiden Guard are pushed back by the bad krampus’ Wind Blast.


Turn 6. The Palace Guard regenerate and are healed back 2 wounds taken. They charge the rocks to little effect. On the right flank the Pegasus is shot down by the bolt thrower.

The Fake Lady unleashes her kittens at the archers on the left flank, they take 1 wound but do not flinch as they carry their precious goods. In the centre the Earth Elementals only succeeds in wavering the Palace Guard. But on the right flank the rocks destroy the archers.

Aftermath. The Forces of Nature scored 420 kill points and hold one objective for another 10% (150 points) – total 570 points.

The Elves have scored 355 kill points but hold 3 objectives (one by the Krampus) for another 40% (600 points) – total 955 points.

Elven victory!

That was another interesting game. Keef’s Rolling Stones hit hard and are hard as rocks. The Tall Spears with the Hammer of Measured force could have done a very good damage to the elementals, which was something I had hoped to witness. Instead as the game progressed it turned into a staring contest… apparently to the favour of the nimble elves.


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