On the other side of the Howling Mountains, a throng of dwarves face of the Forces of Naturalistic Rocks…

To give a full view of the ongoing Kings of War seasonal battles I asked Naked Dwarf, also known as Beardy Fish’pup, to chronicle the first game between his Dwarven army and Chaos Beakies’ Forces of Nature supported by a number of goblins.

For the first battle report of the clash between Elves and Twilight Kin look here (LINK).

The dwarven army lined up to face the forces of nature at the outskirts of a forest. Having scouted the terrain successfully the dwarfs chose where to make their stand. Nothing could get in the way of finding a way up to the Howling Peaks, not even some pesky moving stones, wild hunters or even the Green Lady herself and her flying unicorn companion.

The dwarfs took a traditional stand, spreading out in a line with Brock Riders at the flanks, and waited for the Green Lady to take the initiative. The Green Lady ordered her forces to slowly march forward, not knowing what either crazy Krampus had planned. The moving stones on the Green Lady’s left flank stayed behind in order to intercept and counteract the vicious Brock Riders coming up that flank. Whilst the main force moved up slowly through the hills and forested area. Her right flank gathered speed and charged forward to meet the other fast riding Brock Riders unit at her right flank.

The dwarven King did what he knows best and patiently dredged forward through the various obstacles and woods, securing a strong center of his lines. The Brook Rider were less patient and headed straight for their respective flanks, the fast riders scoring first blood in this engagement. The eagerness of the rider left them in an unfortunately position leaving them soon at the receiving end of a three-pronged counter-charge. The entire unit was decimated: LONG LIVE THEIR NAMES IN GLORY! The eagerness of the counter-charging forces of nature left them in a bad position on the battlefield, securing a strategically advantageous position for the dwarven King and his army. Maybe the King was not so dumb after, all thought the Green Lady.

What followed for the rest of the battle was a tightly choreographed dance of shifting battle lines from both sides, neither one wanting to give an opening to the other. Any opening would have meant a clear defeat and humiliation. The only real action seen for a time was the vicious Brook Riders on the dwarven right flank. They along with Krampus, a Berserker Lord, and a unit of strong Bulwarkers wasted no time in surrounding the moving stones, which were trying to secure the Green Lady,’s left flank. The fighting was intense. But in the end, two Earth Elemental hordes were slaughtered and the Berserker Lord was mortally wounded.


Trying to recoup after the loss of her left flank the Green Lady issued a desperate charge into the dwarven main battle line. Unfortunately it had little effect, because of the bravery of the well-seasoned dwarven Shieldbreakers, and only routed a small Ironclad regiment. The inevitable counter-charge focused on the outflanking winged unicorn, which had managed to get a scary rear charge in on the Shieldbreakers. The regal beast was decisively cut down.

At the end of the day the dwarven forces emerged clearly victorious and The Green Lady fell back with her remaining forces: disappearing in the forest were no dwarf could follow, they scattered to all four winds.

In the end the Dwarves won with 370 points over the Forces of Nature.

Stay tuned for the second battle round!



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