O Tannebaum! – A Showcase of the Angry Christmas Tree

Just in time for our scheduled holiday jollo in Mantica I finish my Krampus – angry Christmas tree.

For this years X-mas tabletop wingding I decided to go for Kings of War to help the game set its roots. In the scenarios the players lead armies to the Howling Mountains where they go into a holiday craze and start fighting over all the jollies and sock stuffing. (Read it all here LINK.) For the games we all need a character each – a Krampus, or a twist thereof.

I actually found a tree a year back, that I intended to involve in my games of that year. That didn’t happen, but this year I had a cake decoration to murder. My plan was to make a Christmas tree out of it, and more so, make it angry. While we will be playing Kings of War, I spied the possibility that it might be useful to have the mini in another game and threw it onto a 32 mm base. (It would not look half bad in a Sylvaneth army I think.) First I fought on a Tree Revenant axe that was left over from my Sylvaneth and a Tree Sprite arm from the same kit. It turns out someone has made the tree very chemically inert – good for the cake eaters, worse for me trying to get super glue to stick. But with some patience I got it there.

The original vision I had was to add a very American style decoration (read: over the top). But now, I can see before me what you don’t want to run into when you are out in the woods looking for that perfect christmas tree in the winter gloom. So for now I will leave the necklace pearls and glitter away and let this one bloody his needles in a flurry of axe blows.

Happy Yuletide, hur hur hur…

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