Shambling to the War – Kings of War thoughts

Another nerd shambles to the battlefields of Mantica, and my Undead gets some fresh ripe air.

Kings of War has been thrown around a bit, with me and that druchii “leader” trying to kill elves by the score. Successful we have been, and its been a fun time. Not that we can say we know anything about how to do stuff properly.

Now, Chaos Beakie, previously known as the Gobbos squig-chum, now known as Keef Ditchards apparently had befriended a few Rolling Stones from the Forces of Nature and wanted to get a taste of how things roll in ranked combat fantasy-land. Hoping for some Edge of the Abyss action, and curious to see how other armies work I took my Skeletons out of the closet. It was not time for that serious business, though.

It was a curious and intimidating force he had found himself, with the Green Lady, a Druid, some Hunters of the Wild to support two hordes of Earth Elementals and a Greater Earth Elemental. Luckily he was curious to see how the game worked, and didn’t park up in a corner waiting for me to come to him.

It was a tough foe, D6 and rough cut, with lots of healing. The first game was a Kill, that ended as a tie – to the very point. The second we both went for a more dynamic deployment, which I think taught us both a thing or two about the minutiae of the game.

We also had this humorous fight with a rock-hard rock that the shambling horde tried to break. But it took a while… He had some nerve showing up like this!


You may have to fight a battle more than once to win it.
– Margaret Thatcher

In the end 35 points of damage was enough to break this rock…


Keef Ditchards showed us the way though, so I am now waiting for Jarvis (go for the English pronunciation here) and a horde of Wights. I dig those dead ‘eads! And the concept of a good necromancer is something you see too little of. But are these reapers really playing for the good team…? Can’t say. Mr. Easter is quite sensibly diluting the concentration of misfits with some werewolves, and Keef is horsing around with some Centaurs.

Cool stuff! I just realised I need a spell for my casters when the Midnight Shamblers have hit the enemy line. Bane-Chantarelles anyone?

Kings of War Forces of Nature Undead



2 responses to “Shambling to the War – Kings of War thoughts

  1. I’m starting to really like it. It has very easily approachable rules, but they are also very deep. Plus its very quick, even me and Mr. Easter manage to get through two average sized games in an evening and we’re sloooow toogetheeeer. For us at least it seems to be working great (speaking here without too much experience yet). That said, WHFB is a game I’ll be happy to get back to once in a while.

    Mr. Easter, on the other hand, is fully converted. But I like the crazy rules and the roleplaying-esque elements that go a bit over the top – Mr. Easter likes his fantasy more toned down.

    I recommend to give it a go! its very easy to pick up and play casually or irregularly.

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