Warmachine – An Warhammer High Elf Boltthrower Showcase

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Bolt Thrower appears before me – ready to be painted. Who would have thought!

As my old-school High Elf force for those 5th-edition 1995 flashbacks start to takes place, I still have been missing a couple of Bolt Throwers and a command group for my Spearmen to take the force where I want to in terms of collecting. (Having said that, and being set on playing Kings of War there’s of course that nagging sensation I should add 9 more Archers and 8 Spearmen to get a Regiment and a Horde respectively, but that is another story.)

I’ve found the command group, yay! And a Bolt Thrower arrived this Friday. I was rather happy to see it actually arrived decently primed without any underlying layers, so I could get into action straight away. Here it is, a fun little piece to take my attention back to my High Elves – but now I have a nice pairing jumping between the tiny last details of two Shaltari Havens and finishing my bunch of White Lions.

Seriously, and I’ve said it before, this is an army I could paint on and add to forever. And if fate permits…

ps. After I have finished my White Lions I’ll start lining up the army to see how far I’ve come. Stay tuned! 😉


6 responses to “Warmachine – An Warhammer High Elf Boltthrower Showcase

    • I was actually also positively surprised when I got hold of this model. Its a very nice piece, both the war machine and the crew really. After that it was easy to go on! Thanks for reading!

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