Hedgehog Tank-Axe – A Dropzone Commander Tomahawk Showcase

After a long break, there is finally some Dropzone stuff on my table! First done is the Tomahawk squad that’s been “almost there” for too long. Take a look!

With a ping in my inbox Mr. Easter gave the intriguing news that Dropzone Commander will be moving to its second edition (see for instance Beasts of War’s interview with Dave on the matter HERE). While its hard for me to speculate on necessary changes and adjustments, being so green on the matter, I can see for some tidying up being welcome – fast movers for instance. With a game out for its first 5 years its also natural that all new units over the years might not sit too comfortably within the first rule set. Its just a shame the last Reconquest book, Phase II, turning so quickly redundant.

Anyway, these winds blew my DZC stuff onto the table once more, and I am finishing some half-done stuff (shamefully close to being finished for so long) – and also painting up a pair of Firebirds. Half-way through I realised I should have started working on the Spirit gates instead as they will be sooner needed, but the Firebirds might be my favourite Shaltari models.

You don’t see it too well, usually – but the squad leader, “Carrot” also known as the Bane of the UCM, appears here slightly more saturated or vivid than the others. Although I have painted up these identically, the white undercoat is brushed on for Carrot, while the other two are sprayed. This is actually an expected, and often used, result of surface roughness – a matter of nerd I’m planning to get into during the autumn. At a distance, and in most gaming lighting, they appear rather identical though… (That said it still annoys me.)


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