Re-boot camp – A Warhammer 40k 8th Orks vs Tyranids BatRep

It’s time to get the boots dipped into some 8th edition! It’s horde vs horde time as the Orks face the Tyranids once again for a brutal showdown. 

After missing the boyz’ starting event for 8th edition, instead building some meat shields, I was pepped to get a chance to see how my orks fare in the new edition. Particular faves that I am eager to try out are Kommandos, who’ve had two units ready to be painted “soon” for quite a while, Stormboyz, who I hope to add Zagstrukk and another squad to sooner rather than later, and of course those Flash Gitz (perhaps mainly for the new way of having ammo runts on the table?).

Two of these I set to play with this first game at 1500 points – the Kommandos and the Stormboyz.

Mr. Easter’s Tyranids showed up with the following:
-A Flyrant
-A Tervigon
-A Trygon Prime*
-An Exocrine

-Two Biovores
-Two units of Rippers*
-A unit of Hormagants*
-Two units of Termagants

*Diggin’ it!

Warhammer 40k 8th Edition Battle report Orks Tyranids

↑ The Tyranid force

The Orks, in turn, mustered
Warboss ‘Urghnould (with a power klaw and a kombi-rokkit)
Boss Snikrot
A Weirdboy (for lukk)
Two Runtherders

16 & 15 Grotz
30 Boys, with shootas and 3 big shootas (the nob has a big choppa)
27 Boys, with sluggas and choppas, two rokkits (the nob has a powerklaw)

A unit of 17 Stormboyz
A unit of 9 Lootas
3 Killa Kans

7 Kommandos (2 burnas)
12 Kommandos (2 rokkits)


↑ The Orks.


↑ Battle field overview. The four objectives are marked in pink, and a secondary objective is slay the warlord (‘Urghnould and Tyrant).


↑ Deployment. The Orks bunch up ready to strike at the centre objective, and then spread out hoping for support from the kommandos at key locations. Stormboyz could be deep struck onto the board I thought, but no so I soon deployed them by the forest on objective marker One going for a flank charge.

Mr. Easter deployed his Trygon Prime, and Hormagaunt tunnelling, as are his two ripper swarms. He soon realised a mistake he’d done locking the two bigg’uns behind the ruins. Luckily it was the right way around – with the immobile Exocrine rather more cornered than the Tervigon.


↑ Turn 1. Tyranids go first. The Tyrant go for the right flank, while the rest of the force moves up carefully. The Trygon Prime pops up in the left corner, lurking mostly, as not to give the orks an early advantage. The Exocrine fires at the Lootas on top of the ruin killing a bunch! (This surprised me well, as the advantage of cover was entirely lost to the plasma level firepower. May need to rethink these.) The rest of the casualties are mainly Grotz. Hur, hur.

The Orks move up perhaps a bit more aggressively. Kommandos pop up on the left flank (the 12 with rokkits), in the forest to hold an objective and Snikrot himself seems to be having nothing better to do than be ready to lead the Stormboyz charge. After an intial shock that the Weirdboy will be getting a massive bonus (at a massive risk) to his psychic test from standing around a bunch of ORK INFANTRY (although erroneously counting grots here as well), the Weidboy happily takes a bit more laid back approach. By charging the Hormagaunts the Shootaboyz actually manage to lock in the Trygon Prime. ‘Ere we go! Still being locked in combat, the boys actually do massive damage in close combat, eating up a big chunk of the 30 Hormagaunts. In the shooting phase not too little damage was done to the Trygon either by rokkits, Lootas and an earlier Smite.

The score for objectives is 1-1.


↑ Turn 2. After an intensive start the fight is still picking up!

The Tyranids push forward to hold a few objectives more, while the Exocrine takes out a Killa Kan exploding and killing a grot. Hur, hur. (And putting a mortal wound to the rest of the Kans too). The Trygon charges in, but whiffs, and neither the Tyrant is impressive. The Boyz chew a bit on the Tyrant in retaliation, and also the Hormagaunts are being chewed up (much less this time, though). The ork casualties leave the Trygon out of combat. In the shooting phase the slugga boys also take a serious hit.

But that hit is not enough for them to strike back, while being buffed by the Weirdoboys (Warpath). The grots are being prodded in first eating up the overwatch. Beside them all the stormboyz charge in as well. (Somehow, although both squads being at about 15 boyz, the damage output is remarkably different. The stormboys manage to chop up all but 1 gaunt, but the warpath’d sluggas only manage to kill half of that? Wut?)

Score is 3-3.


↑ Turn 3. Its still going on! Luckily the pace seems to be slowing down! The Hive Tyrant kills of the last Kommandos, but is now only at 1 wound. The Orks’ shooting finish him off. The Termagants was hit out close combat, and are now respawning by the Tervigon. The Trygon is also killed by the Killa Kans, who lose another of their number. They now try to take out the last Hormagaunts. Spore mines, take out two Lootas as no grotz are their to “clear them out”.

The chaos in the middle continues as the Stormboys charge the Exocrine, and the combine effort of character is nibbling (rather ineffectively at the Tervigon). The pulp of ‘Urghnould fills the crater.

Could it have been that the Orks take a lead on the scoring here? Kommandos by the forest holds one, one is by the tervigon, in combat with 3 characters, one is between the Tervigon and the Shootaboys uncontested, and a final one is somewhere under a pile of Exocrine and Stormboyz.


↑ Turn 4. Its literally two minutes to midnight as we start but the battlefield is being cleared out.

The hormagaunts are trying to flee from the melee, but are soon killed by the surrounding orks. The characters in melee with the Tervigon are eaten up without scratching the monster too much. A Biovore is shot to death, and the Exocrine is slain.

Not feeling up for more turns at the time, we decide to end to game. It is tight, but Orks are probably holding it out of (if ever so slightly) of Tyranids reach, a main advantage is the number of units left.


Not having enough experience yet to draw too much conclusions I leave it at first impressions calling the game “same, same” but different. It might have been a result of two hordes fighting from Turn 1, but I don’t feel the game runs much faster than before (something that seemed to be the aim of the new game). Nonetheless, its fun to get to try out new things and getting a feel for what you can do… and there’s plenty of trials to be done.


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