Rat catcher – A Skaven Clanrat Showcase

Having been looking around at the old editions of Warhammer Fantasy, I got back to my second army – the vile Skaven. Here’s what my two mainstay units look like – anno 2008.

I remember being quite frustrated with my elves at one point, not being quite able to do what I had hoped. This turned into the question of letting another army come into the picture. Skaven was available, so I started building. It was a very welcome change, and although being a student and money being tight it was a good move. Over the years it turned into a 8000 point army (still growing of course).

I love the over the top choices you can do with these fellows, and how very different they always have been from other armies. That old 6th edition codex I started with is still the golden time for me, and through 7th it was all about making sure you out-maneuver your opponent by sheer amount of bodies. (And then there was the sheer amount of bound items as well). The last 7th/8th edition army book was in terms of descriptive, associative, rules awesome as well, but in terms of mechanics they left something to be wished for.

Favourite Skaven situations include: Repeated misfires that kept pounding the allied beastmen forces; completely surrounding a unit of Black Guard with 4 or more massive blocks, still getting utterly decimated with remnant units fleeing away in all directions; getting a charge (in the flank of course) on a Ogre Tyrant with a block of slaves and beating him up and subsequently running him down.

At the core of the army is of course some Clanrats, the mainstay. Here’s the two first of them. At some point I actually intended to do an A- and a T-unit as well. Never got there though (yet…).


5 responses to “Rat catcher – A Skaven Clanrat Showcase

  1. I wanted to go for colours you didn’t often see on Skaven – purple seemed to fit them well as its a bit magical or esotherical. I didn’t like the available highlights (warlock purple, I guess) so I just desaturated the purple with white. I was still quite a beginner when starting, but I learned a lot!

    Thanks for looking!

    • Thanks! Sure I’ll try to sneak in a few close ups the next time they come out. I feel that time is getting closer as Kings of war seems to be coming alive now!

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