Meat shield – An Astra Militarum Showcase

When going to pick up the indices I come home with a box of Cadians. Do they blend with the heads and backpacks I have in my bitsbox?

For quite a long time I have been looking at making some Astra Militarum as allies. The different regimental looks that you can go for are endless, and even if you are sticking to the classics you are in for a tough choice. Catachans have these 80’s/90’s action hero feel to them, Tallarn are very different. You can go for the armoured might of the Steel Legion (plus gas masks add to that massive conflict feel). Make some cool Squat conversions. Then there are the Forge World specials as well.

I ended up coming back to Tallarn, and that was a tough dodge. When a Patriarch showed up with his Genesneaker cultists I got a theme that I couldn’t say no to. The Patriarch’s nemesis should be a matriarch of sorts. So I set on the path to add some female guardsmen to my Sisters of Battle force.

Statuesque miniatures  makes female heads, that seemed to be of high quality. Having held them in my hands I can say that is the case as well. A drawback to one or two heads in the sets I got (vets in berets and officers) is that they have pony tails your supposed to try to glue on. Luckily the pony tails have a smal peg that should make things easier after you have drilled. Another drawback is that they are metallic, adding a bit of unbalance if you plan to stick them to plastic minis (but again the heads also have a moulded pin to make them easily hold). Very nice looking overall!

Kromlech  makes some interesting backpacks for orcs and humies alike. I was struck by THIS image of a Tallarn soldier, and this remain a source for inspiration in the long run. The quality of these backpacks is also very good but a few bubbles were around, small enough to be easily fixed or hidden. That’s what you get for going resin. (I would never have chosen metal backpack.)

Above: Unpainted head fitted to a Cadian body. 

For colours I chose greens and yellows, a bit more muted than my Dark Angels though, just to make the unit feel less polished. Red is present in my Dark Angels army, and my Sisters are of the Order of Our Martyred Lady, so I wanted to get some red in there as well. The beret turned out to be a solid place.

The force heraldry turned out to be a thistle in very simple form: two leaves as a crest with a central flower.

It was a very fun little side project. With the new rules I spy that bubble wrapping and meat shields will be very useful so I’ll go ahead and add a unit or two of these still. I am also looking at potentially painting up a squad of conscripts as well to get a lone detachment of these. It seems the <IMPERIAL> in me has been awoken. 😀


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      • The first pic made me think a quote from Rambo would be suiting. The other pics didn’t disagree. 🙂

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