Hedgehog Droppings – Dropfleet Commander Trials

Mr.Easter trick me into another game of Dropfleet Commander, and thus my Shaltari faces a UCM fleet once more.

I am admittedly a bit reluctant when it comes to getting into Dropfleet Commander. Its that space thing, its so unpersonal. Luckily Dropfleet Commander takes place in orbit rather than space. The movement phase is altogether another story from what one usually sees, with limited maneuverability you actually need to know where you are going. That means you actually need to know what you are doing. And mostly increased blood pressure.

So we try to deal with that.

Having only played one evening of Dropfleet Commander before – that time with MekBoy – I decide to keep the list exactly identical. This means:

A Jet (Has got bombardment. that sounds fun, right?)
Two Opals (Shielding sounds like some synergistic stuff – in with ya’ll)

A Basalt (Launching stuff, that’s another rule to try out right there!)
Two Amethysts (Looks like the most potent Frigate out there by the numbers)

An Amber (Mothership, UFO extravaganza, and it looks like you need them!)
Three Gates (More UFO’s for the UFO Hedgehogs!)

My list building plan: Just try to fit in as many rules as you can. Its a varied list and should be enough to give me an idea of the game well enough.

Mr.Easter showed up with:

1 x Atlantis

1 x Seattle
2 x Jakarta

1 x San Francisco

2 x New Orleans
1 x New Orleans

The game was Grid Control: Three clusters on the centre line needs to be held or destroyed. All are heavily fortified as well. Approach is column, translating to drip-in tactics.

Dropfleet Commander Shaltari UCM

↑ Turn 1. I picked one side for the Emerald and the gates and sent them forward. Starting Turn 2 I should be dropping down down troops on this side. The Jet group would be the pair to these two, the Opals scanning the silent running Atlantis.


↑ Turn 2. The Basalt joins in, as do the UCM carriers and scanners. The Basalt launches bombers onto the Atlantis, while the Jet engages the troop carrier in the middle and takes a few hull points off.


↑ Documenting the painted ships in office light.


↑ Turn 3. The Jet and the Amethysts engage the carrier while the Opals shield the Basalt from incoming fire. The Atlantis also takes some damage. Shields are up all the way. Both an Opal and an Amethyst is downed.


↑ Turn 4. Ends up in a Traffic James. It is now impossible to damage the Atlantis (or any other UCM ship really). The UCM instead manage to strip many hull points from the Shaltari fleet. This is my desperate tactic – with both the Basalt and Frigates barely held together with duct tape I cram them in in hope to take off a few hull points from the damaged UCM fleet.

All I do is make a few falling stars appear in the sky. 


Turn 4 – Bottom. My plan fails miserably and the launch capacity of the Atlantis pulls down the last of my cruisers. The UCM scores high, leaving the Shaltari fleet utterly defeated.

Aftermath. A baby step in the right direction. I again feel like Close Action weapons (even though both the Jet and the Amethysts tote some serious beamers) are mostly there for appearance in the Shaltari army, when all you want to do is use that low signature and high scan to pew away from a safe distance while the other “intelligent” life forms do a “tactical advance”. A general strategy would be nice to come up with, but that needs more familiarization with the rules.


Any comments are more than welcome regarding this 😀

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