Spirits of the Woods – A Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Tree Revenant Showcase

I return to my favourite part of the woods as I finish my Tree Revenants for my Sylvaneth army. Take a look!

I just managed to finish the five of these for my games with the Mek Boy (see Game One HERE and Game Two HERE), taking me up to something like 620 points of painted Sylvneth. Its nice that you have smaller armies in Age of Sigmar, and you can really fell it when you start painting. Wonder if this will be seen in the new edition of 40k as well? Adding a character (HQ) to the teased detachments it seems that you’re maybe putting more weight on these, but, on the other hand, the number of troops seems to be up as well.

I’ve been scheming on where to go in terms of army building, and revisiting my plan with what little more experience I have now. I am happy to realize I am still fascinated by the Gnarlroots, wizards are always cool, and what I bought actually supports this plan. As a bonus I can adjust a bit with an ORDER wizard too. But right now a Loremaster of Hoeth-that-was actually seems nice with a re-roll to hit and wound for a single model, especially as I’ll end up with a couple of large trees – and hopefully not too far ahead with Alarielle or Drycha. Adding the Sisters of the Thorn’s spell that gives another pip to your save is not too bad either for an already tough army.

The Tree Revenants are one of the most impressive new models, so I picked up a box of these rather happily. But to pick a colour scheme was not as easy. Luckily I had the help of the out-of-the-box thinking one-capybara colour committee in the shape of Mμ. The skin, the main problem, was intriguingly suggested to be a blue-ish metallic colour, to make it look as condensed magical matter. Can’t argue with that – so I went to work. The skin on these I worked out as a layer of Ironbreaker metallic with a Hawk Turquoise wash and then highlighted with Runefang steel. Now I have got my hands on some Vallejo Metal medium, so the next five I’ll try to do with Sotek Green or Temple Guard Blue and increasing amounts of Metallic Medium. Let’s see how they turn out – expect the ready no later than by the end of 2020.

Eat pie, and roll in the sand!

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