The Matriarch – A Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Showcase

Today I want to share my finished Inquisitor, the Matriarch, with you.

I got lucky when Games-Workshop started with their print on demand releases. See, I had been stalking ebay for a Female Inquisitor model and this was an early one they put up for sale. Between the two available ones, I went for the one with a Condemnor Boltgun, just because its so iconic, even though the

This Inquisitor will go by the name the Matriarch, in opposition to Mr.Easter’s the Genestealer Cultists’ Patriarch. A foe she has sworn her life to fight. (I can already feel this going wrong in so many different hilarious ways.) She is slightly radical in her ways and has already enlisted the help of a few useful benign xenos to help her in her quest – such as Murr and Purr that you can get to know here (LINK) and a smaller posse of similar handymen that I will reveal as my waiting comes to an end.

I went for light colour scheme – she is after all shedding light on all corners of the Imperium. The orange and warm white is contrasted by dashes of blue, in her ribbon and her hair as well as in details. The purple armament, has a similar effect in breaking up the otherwise monotone yellow hues.

EDIT 2017-05-06: Here’s some new better lit pictures:


6 responses to “The Matriarch – A Warhammer 40k Inquisitor Showcase

    • I think it’s hard to say on any screen – need to get more light for the image. I think I have to try the photo part again, can’t look at this anymore

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