Liberatum – A Stormcast Eternals Liberators Showcase

Continuing with my white/magenta colour scheme I finish my first unit of Liberators.

All my doubts I previously had of going with this colours scheme is now gone as I have put the base coats on the starter set – and actually washed away the first layers of red I put on my Prosecutors. In fact it has gone so far that I am more pepped with my Stormcasts than I am with my Sylvaneth – the Stormcasts are more varied to paint and the available unit choices are more varied in terms of gameplay and number.

I am currently planning what to add to my starter set. Some shooting (read: Judicators) would be nice, but I rather do something other than Battleline for a change. Model favourites include Dracothian Guard and Vanguard-Palladors, so these look extra juicy. Dracothian Guard would give some punch to my list, but Palladors could give me some sneaky tactics which always is enjoyable…

For these I took a step forward with photography as well and picked up a tripod. This reduces a lot of shaking, meaning I can use longer exposure times to get a greater focal depth I still need to improve my lighting – but this might actually be fixed by the simple choice of spot to photograph on. Onward!


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