Frigates – A Dropzone Commander Shaltari Opal Showcase

The final call in the wait for the schticks! is my pair of Shaltari Opal frigates.

The last models I have painted in my wait for the flight stands are my two first Frigates – the Shaltari opals. These two were actually my second two test models, so you can see some development here. I adjust the use of yellow in the power orb. I also go from yellow details to gold.

Yellow would have need more attention, so the reactive nature of metallic paints help me get away with a single layer and still keep the model fairly interesting. Shit, those small dots everywhere are really nerve-wrecking to go through if you are doing it in the wrong mood.

One complaint I have on these minis is of the mould. From the pictures I have seen so far other people have the same issue too – some of the pegs along the spine of the models break. I have done this very carefully and I wonder if there actually is a systematic weakness in this spot, maybe the plastic doesn’t have a proper viscosity or the pressure spread is unsuitable here.

It’s a shame for it is hard to fix as well as the parts are very small… I now consider trimming some of the spines for a uniform look that possibly helps me distinguish between different squads.

The next task will be the gates, not necessarily all, but a few. Previously I used black brush-on primer, but I have noticed cracking in some unfortunate places. Probably due to insufficient adhesion compared to the shrinking of the paint layers on top. It is not visible, but annoying, so from now on I will work on can-sprayed models.

3 responses to “Frigates – A Dropzone Commander Shaltari Opal Showcase

  1. Again, these look very nice indeed. The technique certainly works and you even manage to make them glow!

    They look fragile and getting them off the sprue must be pretty stressful.

  2. Thanks, both of you!
    Otherwise they were not too bad, the plastic is quite sturdy and the models are surprisingly large. At some point I decided I’ll just work around those missing pokey parts – it didn’t help being careful

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