Dust in the Woods 2 – A Sylvaneth vs Tomb Kings BatRep

Here’s a small write-up of the second Age of Sigmar game between MekBoy’s Tomb Kings and my Sylvaneth.

The first game of the evening can be found here (LINK).

After somehow clasping onto a Pyrrhic victory in the last game, where more or less all my trees were logs on the fire by the end of the game, we decided to go for another game. Same forces and more or less the same terrain setup, a but now the mission was Escalation. Units move in progressively; three objectives on the table on the cross section line.

(Sorry for the dark pictures, it seems a lamp has died in a critical spot in the game room.)


↑ Turn 1. The shooters begin the game on the board. The Sylvaneth set a personal objective to try to take down the Sphinx, now with a different approach. All move up, and the Treelord plants a tree.


↑ Turn 2. The Tomb Kings move up and the Sphinx and the Tomb Guard arrive.

The Tree Revenants move in to the objective. Dryads go to bubble wrap the Hunters and the Treelord. The archers take 5 wounds off the sphinx.

1-0 to the Sylvaneth.


↑ Turn 3. The Tomb King heals the Sphinx for 1 damage. Archers come in by the Tree Revenants to the left and start to fire. The Sphinx charges the Hunters of Kurnoth and kills a single one.

Dryads counter charge the Sphinx. Another Kurnoth hunter dies.

2-1 to the Sylvaneth.

↑ Turn 4. The Tomb Kings’ small unit of skeletons reach the corner objective. The rest of the Tomb King army pours in to the centre surrounding the central objective. Skeletons charge the dryads, and the last Hunter dies.

The Sylvaneth are pinned as the Tomb Kings start to surround them. The Sphinx falls, however but a few dryads are felled too.

Tomb kings hold two objectives and even  the score to 3-3.


↑ Turn 5. The slugfest  continues, and turns more violent as the Tomb King reaches the battle. The Treelord cannot reach the objective, nor could he put his weight into close combat as he was surrounded.

Overall little is changed during the turn and the Tomb Kings score twice again, winning the game 5-4!

Getting the dryads in changed the game a lot. The Tomb Kings managed to pin me down as the Sphinx just wouldn’t go down! The Dryads on the other hand impressed with their toughness. It will be interesting to put these on the table again, and then start comparing with the 1000 points of Stormcasts that is forming. There’s a lot to learn here, especially when you consider moving about units with the wild woods; the placing of the wildwoods to gain bonuses, hinder the enemy, or open up routes of movement. It will also be interesting to see how the game changes as the size goes up a bit. Monsters get a focal role at this point, being such a large portion of the army – this naturally changes then.

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