Carrier One – A Dropzone Commander Shaltari Basalt Showcase

Here’s my painted Basalt for my Dropfleet Commander Shaltari fleet. 

It turns into a trickle without enough stands to show off all the fleet at once – see, we got our pledge’s stands left out.

I went for a Emerald, a Basalt and a Jet to start with. It might not be the ultimate starting point, but as we are so few players going for a killer list or tailoring against opponents might be a real killer for the group. My idea was to just fit in as many different weapons as possible, or rules might be a better word. The Emerald is more or less essential, the Jet brings in a variety of different weaponry – including bombardments – and finally the Basalt allows for some carrier tactics. Doesn’t sound too shabby!

At this stage the number of dots were really starting to weigh on me! There’s crazy amounts of them. But adding those small detailed gold dots beside the blue and purple adds depth and detail to the model bringing it all together!


3 responses to “Carrier One – A Dropzone Commander Shaltari Basalt Showcase

    • Thanks, if the paint is properly diluted its not too bad. Like some cheap anger management therapy. The carrier hangars on the side the brush strokes are visible on, can’t say I’m happy about that…

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