Dust in the Woods I – An Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth vs Tomb Kings BatRep

The Mekboy hasn’t tried Age of Sigmar yet. We change that one evening as I roll out my Sylvaneth and he summons his dusty Tomb Kings!

The Age of Sigmar seems to be gaining some ground of late, with the General’s Handbook providing a common ground for all players. It’s not a ranked system, and that I miss, but it’s pretty nifty in terms of rules (that said I don’t mind winging a rule both players can’t recall how exactly to apply in a specific situation)! For me its an adventure onto itself to follow how the fluff develops as well. That really crazy high fantasy that allows pretty much anything that you can imagine; and the vastness of it all can fit in those who prefer a low fantasy setting as well – if you can punch through that highly pitched core shell of GWs.

In our little circle of bitching/nerdery, its been slowly growing onto people. Many are undeniably busy, which puts a delay time on stuff – but that’s okay. No need to rush things “just because”. Not very-much-too long ago I sweet-talked the MekBoy into trying the game out – not that it was too hard – so we set on a journey to try out the rules. I hadn’t had the opportunity to try out the General’s Handbook so far, and neither a full Sylvaneth force, so it was a good time to get a fell for those as well.

We played at 1000 points. A nicely small, but still solid, amount of stuff is on the table at this level so its a good place to start (plus I can soon field my Stormcasts here as well with some ridden creatures of one sort or the other… hihihii).

The Sylvaneth Force was:
A Treelord Ancient
20 Dryads
5 Tree Revenants (freshly painted to boot)
3 Kurnoth Hunters with bows

This left me at 920 giving me a small random bonus, being smaller than the opponent. But of course I forgot this all the time. -_- The Son of Durthu was proxied as a Treeman Ancient to be more humane at smaller points (although were trees now) and I wanted to try out the Sylvaneth Spellcasting. The Treelord got a spell to summon Wyldwoods. Now I think I messed this up too as a summoned forest should cost points! Lovely. He also got the Oaken Armour adding a pip to his armour save.

Facing me was a Tomb Kings force
Led by a Tomb King
With 10 Skeletal Archers
20 Skeleton Warriors
10 Tomb Guard (white unit)
And a Necrosphinx

That Necrosphinx turned out to be a real pain in the Belgium, as it hit hard (a double six to hit with one weapon translated into 10 additional wounds of damage for that hit!), was fast and halved all damage rounding up!

Our first mission was the comet strike! With an objective striking a random third (centre of ) of our deployment zones at our second turn. Game lasts five turns. (Which I did not inform either of us of, until too late, thinking it would be six in AoS too!)

Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Tomb Kings

↑ Deployment. I place my free Sylvaneth Allegiance woods in the centre of the board for shenanigans. My Dryads are off the table to appear wherever necessary. As I deploy first and we have equal amounts of drops – I get to choose the Tomb Kings to go first.


↑ Tomb Kings Turn 1. The Mesmerising Ruins from which they rise confound the Tomb King and he is bedazzled. The rest of the army move up – archers in the middle and over the ruins.


↑ Sylvaneth Turn 1 & Turn 2. I Tree Revenants do what both Link and Mario could do and play a tune and redeploy. By turn two the objective appears on my right flank, giving them a clear direction.

The Treeman Ancient tries to summon a wood but snake eyes is coming. Not only the first turn, but the second as well! This makes leaving the dryads out difficult as they need to arrive 9″ away from an enemy, while still within 3″ of the woods. Impossibru! #noobfail

The MekBoy has very cleverly decided to push up the skeletons around the central woods to block this venue for the Dryads, but now, as the Treeman fails in his casting, this is all but fatal!

The Necrosphinx takes 5 wounds from the Kurnoth Hunters’ and Treeman’s shooting.


↑ Tomb Kings Turn 2. The Meteor falls on their right flank and the archers are sent to claim it. The rest of the Tomb King army moves up to charge, with the first attempted charge by the Necrosphinx – luckily it fails. The Tomb Guard are now in turn transfixed by the runes on the wall and block the passage for the Skeletons behind.


↑ Sylvaneth Turn 3. The Tree Revenants secure the objective scoring 3 Vps at the end of their turn. The Treeman Ancient successfully summons a wood. And sustained fire causes 4 more wounds on the Sphinx.


↑ Tomb Kings Turn 3. While the rest of the army moves up, the Necrosphinx charges. The archers cannot yet reach the objective. But the wounded Necrosphinx hits home scoring 13 wounds on the Treeman Ancient in one fell sweep.

Sylvaneth Turn 4. All wood areas are controlled by the Tomb Kings, and the Dryads find no safe passage. The Hunters of Kurnoth manage to do 2 more wounds to the Necrosphinx. The Revenants score 4 points for controlling the objective.

Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth Tomb Kings

Tomb Kings Turn 4 & 5. Again the Tomb King and the Tomb Guard are bamboozled by the pretty murals. But now the Archers capture the objective – 4 VP. Then the Necrosphinx reaches the Hunters of Kurnoth and strike two of them down. Also – another 5 VP to the Skeletal Archers.


Sylvaneth Turn 5. The Hunters of Kurnoth are doomed, but the Tree Revenants still score a last 5 points. 

The Final Score being 12 – 9 to the Sylvaneth.

My (not quite) ingenious plan to pull the Dryads in through the woods failed miserably. This hampered my abilities to strike back at the Tomb Kings. Also, that Necrosphinx is very hard to counter being both resilient and fast. The Tree Revenants were also a real asset – being very mobile with their Pipes. They sound very useful already with that ability.
That said, with so many ones rolled in strange places its hard to draw any reasonable conclusions from this game…

…so we do another. Stay tuned!

Also, I think its time to give that Son of a Durthu a base!


4 responses to “Dust in the Woods I – An Age of Sigmar Sylvaneth vs Tomb Kings BatRep

  1. Nice write-up mate – funny enough, I dipped my toe in to AoS the other week… the jury is very much out for me too, but I’m mildly optimistic. I’m glad you mentioned the treelord’s base – I thought that it was a clever bit of gamesmanship! 🙂

  2. That would be like dirty deeds done dirt cheap! 😀 Luckily neither of us had a base. 🙂

    Its a fun game, and very quick and brutal imo. Due to this movements and walking in different formations actually gets more important than you can see from the surface. Wouldn’t mind reading what you think about after another game or two!

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