High Impact – A Warhammer High Elf Tiranoc Chariot Showcase

Another one of those oldies I always drooled on in the army book – the the Tiranoc Chariot – and its painted! 

One of the models that I always came back to in my first army book was the Tiranoc Chariot, and that’s both in fluff and images. Not only are Chariots fascinating, but you combine the High Elf style and the fantasy setting behind it you get a thrilling little package.

It didn’t take too long before the plastic chariot came – not long enough for me to add chariots to the army anyway. But a few years back I got a great deal for two on ebay. One of these is ready, but the other one is missing a crossbar. Of course now there is only one option for me – to get a complete one – whose bit I can copy! 😉

In terms of chariots I have a second lion chariot to be repainted, but I have been playing with the thought of putting a character on a chariot too. Maybe its time? (Plus chariot mounted characters seem to work better now with the t9A rules!)

In one of the old High Elf army books I got to borrow from Mr.Easter I found a Reaver Knight painted in this “indian pony” patchy style (Piebald/Skewbald), so I decided to go for such colours. Although the colouring turn out nice, I should maybe have gone a bit lighter on the darker one, at least for highlighting. But unfortunately the varnish ate up some of the final highlights.

For those who want to take a small glimpse into Native American Warhorse markings: check out this LINK HERE. These people had a much better communal view on the world than we have today – we creatures are all in the same boat (as in ellipsoidal and space flowing). Now we ignore what we don’t know or can’t understand.


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