PoisonTail Paints a Tyranid Warrior!

Mr. Easter, also known as the Hive Man, apparently had a Tyranid Warrior to spare. I take the opportunity to try painting Nids.

Mr. Easter has picked up nids from ebay over time, mostly the small gribblies like gaunts with or without horma. A few of these are Warriors, or maybe warriors came as a bonus – apparently nobody wants them. Sad face.

When I heard this, I don’t know if he suggested I should take it from the beginning or if it was just my cunning guile that allowed me to have it. It must have been.

I was actually close to going for really screaming colours – if somebody says its unnatural just google more. If insects uses bright colours for their psychological warfare, why shouldn’t nids? Plus, who knows what they ate first and whose DNA they stole first.

In the end I found the corncrickets that come in many nasty looking shapes and mostly a bit too large sizes for comfort. So a turqoise-blue carapase with yellow rims, in the desert, preferrably with spikes added. Below you find an example of one from South Africa – one of my source images.

Corn Cricket (Hetrodes pupus)

Corn Cricket by Joan Young, click link to the original posting.

A quick paint job later this was how it ended up. Again, drybrushing and shades were my friend for getting a natural looking rather dirty look to it. I like it, it is colourful in a sense and still very natural looking.

I also feel I have satisfied my Tyranid hunger now that I know what they would look like if I’d have an army of them…



6 responses to “PoisonTail Paints a Tyranid Warrior!

  1. Very nice! The rims on the carapace came out exceptionally well. I definitely regret having gone for a natural sand & green when I painted my tyranids years ago. In the future, I’ll have to do something about it. 😉

  2. That is brilliant! I love how natural it looks, despite the bold colour choice… way better than the lurid ‘eavy metal stock approach in my humble opinion!

  3. So drybrushing and shades… I might that for the Lost Patrol Tyranids that I need to paint at some point.

    • I think it works nicely if you want to do something feral – watch out with more vivid colours though, they tend appear less than good with these techniques. Apart from a some blue shade in the corner of the carapace parts I did the turquoise here blending and dappling really.

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