Elfing it 8 years ago – Nostalgia Saturday

Facebook surprised me by putting up a post from 8 years ago where I show off my freshly painted High Elves.

I believed I had spoiled myself at the time by buying the Swordmasters and White Lions. A very big investment considering the available resources at the time, me being a student in the early stage.

I had seen the red white colour scheme in the 6th edition Armybook and knew straight away this would be what I want to do. I also decided to go for snow bases (snow bases are still something I like, maybe because its hard to do well or get to fit with you colour scheme).

The Great Eagle was a bit of modelling I did with some spare horses from my White Lion chariot kit.

They are not too bad, but I missed one thing that started bugging me, and I can’t help seeing it again now that the nostalgia has been washed away, I should have contrasted the models to the base with warmer colours. In fact I now think that just by making the cloth cream I would have come far ahead.

Also, its annoying to see your models running around in snow when they are surrounded by a grassy plain…


3 responses to “Elfing it 8 years ago – Nostalgia Saturday

  1. Thanks, both of you. It was a good one, but I am happy I went away from it – yet not entirely without regret. But maybe that’s the sweetest feeling 🙂

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