Mothership – A Dropfleet Commander Shaltari Emerald Showcase

Still waiting for our widgets and stands I start painting up my Shaltari fleet for Dropfleet Commander.

We were missing our widgets and flight stands that were supposed to be in our pledge – this sucks as one have to figure out a way to come around that in order to play. Me and the Smug Dolphin (that’s PHR – just look at them ship profiles, dawg!) player came to the same solution in parallell – grill sticks. It works, but its no long term solution. For painting I stuck them to the warhammer flying stands.

So far I have managed to sneak in a game with MekBoy who was happy to teach me a thing or two (leaving above 8999 other things to learn) about his favourite setting. It was interesting; as said before space is not where I like to spend my time, but I was positively surprised.

What I really wanted to show you was my Emerald ship. Probably my favourite ship in the fleet, maybe second to the Light Cruisers.

Sorry for the not too sharp images – I tried to fight the spring sun with a long distance objective and a few lamps. Turns out I had too much coffee 😉


4 responses to “Mothership – A Dropfleet Commander Shaltari Emerald Showcase

    • Thanks. Not quite what I originally intended and surprisingly easy to achieve with overbrushing and drybrushing techniques. Plus of course all the gazillion dots…

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