Infuntry – A Tale of Two Back-Logged LotR Nerds pt. 3

The two of us finish up our next challenge – infantry; Morannon Orcs and Dwarf Rangers, to reduce our Lord of the Rings/Hobbit backlog.

Mr. Easter and I have been working on our Lord of the Rings back-logs three steps now, the two previous ones you can find with the following links:

Step 1 HERE, and Step 2 HERE

Now, after a Banner Bearer and a character it was time for some infantry – our due date being November so we were not late, three months is not that bad.

Mr. Easter wanted to fill his ranks with Morannon Orcs, to expand a bit towards Mordor. Why? So he can field his great Beast of Gorgoroth that is the next step of our challenge: Monsters.

I added some Dwarf Rangers to my Dwarf army, now being rather temptingly close to a small War of the Rings force (maybe its all in my head). Anyway I wanted these initially for some Battle Company goodness to fill up my Erebor force.

Now, the next step translates for me into finishing some Eagles, I have one rather, if not fully finished, one half-way done and then also Gwaihir without a single drop of paint. Somehow these should be tackled…

What do you think Mr. Easter, my dear fellow, shall we aim to finish during June? 😀

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