Painted Lord-Relictor – A Stormcast Eternals Showcase

I keep working with my slightly different colour scheme and finish my Lord-Relictor for my Stormcast Eternals – in magenta.

After pondering some on how to paint my Stormcast Eternals (see LINK 1 and LINK 2) I finally decided on going for a colour scheme that seems to be less prominent than the metallic armour or the few armour colours that are commonly seen. For me my infantry would be ceramic white  with magenta spot colours and yellow in stead of gold, as a nod to times before the gold paint. I still wanted to keep a few of my models red, as I like red (LINK 3).

I’ve still had doubts on my choice. But now as I again after a game of  Age of Sigmar took them out on the box, as a few times before, I can’t deny I like how the colours come together in a way that reminds me of some modern manga-esque comic, that I see through and through Age of Sigmar.

So even after picking up another turquoise to paint my models as Celestial Vindicators after all, I again came back to this original colour scheme. I just need to see how the force looks with a few painted units together.

As for the name of the chamber. Considering all in my life is a big pun or a cross-reference and the origin of the colours in the sky – the colours I used here – I’m thinking that they are guardians of a gate (probably suitably close to an all gate) called R’leigh. Maybe Spectrals of R’leigh or Guardians of R’leigh for something more ambiguous… Hmm. Anyone see what I am referring to?

This is how my Lord-Relictor turned out in this colour scheme.

 Foo-foo! Catch you on the next one!


2 responses to “Painted Lord-Relictor – A Stormcast Eternals Showcase

  1. One of my favourite AoS miniatures in a top notch paint scheme. Nice work! Maybe the mortal wounds this dude/dudette causes are a result of letting the standard fall on his/her enemies.

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