Sneaker Bash #2 – A Multiplayer 40k BatRep Orks vs. Imperial Guard vs. Genestealer Cults

Why play once, when you can play twice? Here’s the second BatRep of the two Warhammer 40k multiplayer games we managed to get in when the Guard came to town.

For the first battle report, follow THIS LINK.

After the first game and devouring whatever nacket we found, it was time to ramp it up. We upped the size of the game to 1600 points, and added 4 objectives – the peripheral, hexagonally spread, 6 objectives would be worth 1 Vp each, while the central objective would be worth 2 Vps.

I ended up designing a completely new list for this game (still not including the Stormboyz I had so eagerly planned the night before). Mr.Easter, also known as Postman Sir Pryce, I feel is usually under-appreciating his armies’ potential for AT in the sub-AV13 region so I again wanted to challenge this thinking and stomped out the dreads.

☠☠☠ Ork Dreadmob ☠☠☠
Big Mekguy ‘Ver, Kustom Force Field, ‘Eavy armour, Kombi-skorcha

Grotz (13), Runtherder
Grotz (14), Runtherder
20 Shootaboyz with 2 Big Shootas and including a Nob with a kombi-skorcha, a big choppa and a bosspole
23 Sluggaboyz with a Nob, a kombi-skorcha, a powerklaw and a bosspole

3 Killa Kans, Grotzookas
3 Killa Kans, Rokkits
Deff Dread
Deff Dread

Gorkanaut – Gork’s Trasha also known as Gorky McMorkface

Dakkajet with an extra supa-shoota piloted by an Flyboss
Dakkajet with an extra supa-shoota piloted by an Flyboss

VVV The Imperial Guard VVV

Company Command (w Master of Ordnance)

Platoon Command
Infantry squad (in blob)
Infantry squad (in blob)
Infantry Squad (in blob)
Heavy Weapons team (Heavy Bolters)
Heavy Weapons team (Mortars)
Heavy Weapons team (Mortars)
Specialist Weapon Squad

Veterans, 3x Plasma
Veterans, 3x Plasma

5 Storm Troopers, 2x Plasma
5 Storm Troopers, 2x Plasma

3 Armoured Sentinels
Rough Riders


🐛🐛🐛The Sneakers and Nids 🐛🐛🐛
(It was the same army base with an added Magos to the cultists and a Bioblast Node formation)

Lords of the Cult: Magos
Lords of the Cult:
Patriarch w/ Patriarch’s Claws
Brood cycle:
Iconward w/ Sacred Cult Banner
Neophytes w/ Seismic cannon, Mining laser, Flamer
Neophytes w/ Mining laser, Flamer
Acolytes w/ Rock Saw
Acolytes w/ Demolition Charge
5 Purestrain Genesneakers
Brood Brothers: Leman Russ (with Multi-melta sponsons, a lascannon and an autocannon turret)

A unit of Warriors
Three individual Dakka-Carnifexes or Pokebobs
And a Tyrannofex


↑Terrain and objectives (red dots). Vostroyans deployed first, Orks next and Sneakers/Nids last.


↑ The Vostroyans’ deployment. Fast stuff in the middle and AT/anti-monster stuff  on either side. The blob is in the middle with easy passage to the central objective.

Warhammer 40k Multiplayer BatRep Orks Imperial Guard Genestealer Cults Tyranids

Ork deployment – Having seen the deployment of the Vostroyans, but not knowing how the sneakers would deploy some hard choices needed to be made. Which part of the army could face a not-too-small number of Tyranid monsters and still come out on top. There was also that AT russ standing in wait. I decided to split the force up evenly – the brown hill dividing the battlefield neatly in two – the dreads and the Gorkanaut on one side, and the Kans on the other with the KFF Mek.

As for the choice of side, I only tried to dodge the Sentinels, but the benefit I hoped to get from the Rock in the centre of the deployment zone was less than I had hoped. A nasty bottleneck would prove to be there too for the Kans.


↑ Turn 1.  The Vostroyans take the initiative, followed by the orks and finally the sneakers. The guardsmen move up a bit, and fire wildly around. Pokébobs (read Carnifiiseses) take a few hits, as do the Magos’ unit.

The Orks on the right flank move as fast as they can towards the Tyranids’ line firing at the Pokébob, but failing to do any damage. The Kans try to fit into the bottleneck but clog it up, firing a barrage at the guardsmen  beyond.

The sneakers hop out of the board to get another deployment phase (I have a theory, sneaker player’s love the deployment phase most), while the firing squad were giving it to the slugga boyz running up the battlefield.

_DSC0315_DSC0316Warhammer 40k Multiplayer BatRep Orks Imperial Guard Genestealer Cults Tyranids


↑ Turn 2. The Orks take the initiative this time followed by Sneakers/Nids and the Guard.

The Orks’ turn is as simple as can be the sluggas move up and try to charge the Russ, the Dreads follow suit and go at the carnifexes but to no avail. The Kans take out a few heavy and special weapons and slowly squeeze forward.

The Bug Alliance then hit hard. Hybrids throw their demo charge on the slugga boyz, and run the survivors down. The Russ kills a dread. On the guardsmen’s rear some purestrains assault mortar teams – we all know how that ends, right?

The Astra Militarum hit back taking out a pokébob and the sneaky genesneakers trying to wreak havoc in their rear. (Like this?)


↑ Turn 3. The bugmen now take the initiative followed by guard. Orks go last, a dangerous turn of events as they are in a very vulnerable position. 

The bugmen clean up the rest of the flank except for Gork’s Trasha – effectively without any casualties.

The Vostroyan Stormtroopers hop in around the genesneaker home objective and hit the warriors hard, leaving only a severely wounded one left. The Master of Ordnance (MOO) calls an orbital bombardment that hits the Kans straight on. The Kustom Force Field gives little protection and two are destroyed outright, and two more are crippled.

The Ork get some respite as the air support arrives – a dakkajet – that instantly takes out the wyvern. The Kans stampede into the Guard lines and start causing havoc – but the guardsmen fight valiantly. A key point here is that they threaten to hold the guardsmen in place, dragging them from the objective and into a unfavourable pillow fight. The Gorkanaut turns to shoot into the Magos’ unit.


↑ Turn 4. Guards get the initiative, followed by genestealer cults and finally orks. We also decide that we’ll end at Turn 5. The real fight is on!

The Guardsmen grenadiers earn their upkeep by taking out two kans (one from each squadron).

Sneaking up on the Gorkanaut is the Patriarch’s unit, that rolls a 6 for ambush allowing them to assault. The flank puts all they can throw at it and takes one hull point in the shooting phase, but absolutely wrecks it in the close combat phase with psychic support (furious charge).

The ork reinforcements arrive in full, that is, grot brigade and the last dakka jet. Gork’s trasha, now with emphasis on trash, is avenged as the dakkajet pours the dakka into the Patriarch, and with shoota support the unit and the patriarch is taken out.


↑ Turn 5. Again initiative is held by the Imperial Guard. Second goes the Tyranids Alliance, and finally the Orks. This could be good news for the orks as the final move on the objective is in their hands – if they survive.

The Guard downs the Yellow Baron. Another Kan is killed in combat, allowing them to consolidate onto the central objective. Five shootas, now at a good position to threaten the central objective, are killed. The guards hold the central objective and are now in the lead as it is…

Sneakers, with the acolytes trying to ambush the central position with a suitably appeared 6. Before that is spoiled, the storm troopers sacrifice their lives in the name of the Emperor defending the secured enemy objective. The Leman Russ tries its power as anti-air, but only manages to severely damage the dakkajet, destroying one weapon. The charge is just about failed as overwatch and the guardsmen spurred by the priest will not give an inch to the foul xenos.

The dakkajet tries its luck to remove the objective-securing mutants across the board by the tyranid/cults line. It fails. The shootas led by Mekguy Ver then put their 2 kombi-skorchas (Nob and Big Mek) to good use and  grill the blob into a size that is far less threatening to their few numbers. They charge – and successfully wipe out the guardsmen, just about.

The orks then hold the central objective for 2 victory points, but it is not enough for victory as the Tyranids and Cultists hold two peripheral objectives for 2 victory points as well. After a long hard fight – it is a draw. The guardsmen are close behind, with victory so close in their hands to the very end, but only managing to secure one peripheral objective after being assailed by both opposing armies.

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