PoisonTail Unboxing the Dropzone Commander Shaltari Jaguar by Hawk Wargames

Getting in some Shaltari reinforcements I decide to do a small unboxing post for those interested in Hawk Wargames products or planning to magnetize.

The Shaltari walkers, or striders, have been high on my to-get list as they are, in my opinion, rather unique in terms of design. They really show off the Shaltari aesthetics. On the battlefield the Jaguar is often seen on the raster of many a Shaltari commander as it provides both an AA and AT gun with a formidable resilience.

The model comes in  10 pieces (see below); three identical legs, a leg connector/hip joint, a main hull/body, a cockpit/head, a back AA turret with a separate twin-ion cannon, as well as a left and a right gauss cannon.


I am instantly struck by the quality of the cast. With my Ramses walker (unboxing HERE) I noticed a mold line along the back disc of the main hull of miniature, that actually ended up eating away some of the detail. In the case of my commander it was not really noticeable, but with this the disc is essentially perfect (below).

In spite of all bits having a large number of small bumps, I can find no bubbles eating them up. The repulsion drives on the sides all appear perfect. So are the Gauss cannons and the Twin-Ion cannon.

After a while, having rolled up my sleeve I can find minor loss of detail underneath, the head/cockpit. (Yes, that’s underneath.) The neck joint also has a minuscule bubble on the right hand side. I should note that there is also no mould lines on most of the mini, the legs being a minor exception to this. But please bear in mind that the overall impression is a very nice, crisp sculpt.
With Hawk Wargames’ resin stuff you can often see layer lines from either milling the master mould, or rather 3D printing the master model. Here it is not so, at least from what I can see with my bare eyes.


You can here see that I already have cut out a “fitting cylinder” form underneath of the main body to instead add a magnet here and to the hip joint well (below). This seems to be holding well and, I hope, will make transportation easier for a rather spindly and large model.


Gluing the legs to the hip, and posing the walker, will probably not be super easy, as with Ramses. However, the ball joints make posing as customizable as can be. I for one will add a base to make it fit in with my Ramses/Coyote commander (see HERE) – this helps to support the model, add some sturdyness and gives some scenic possibilities. Is the walker striding over a warbus? Are you fighting in the wilderness or in snow…? The head joint and the fully turnable turret and gauss cannon actually opens up a large number of possibilities.

I am actually rather positively surprised with this model. The design is familiar to me from before, but still the quality of the sculpt (being next to perfect) and the level of detail surprises me. The design is very poseable, and gives a very agile impression as is suited for the model.

I’ll give this one a close to perfect score of four rabbits and a carrot.



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