I’ve got a theory, it could be bunnies!

Hobby stuff gets down-prioritized with a recuperating bunny in the  house. Luckily you get to see bunny pictures. 

In case someone has missed the central fact of my life – I do have two rabbits as flatmates. They certainly keep the place lively, especially as they have are cunning enough to have formed some sort of power due and now have teamed up to take over the world. At least as soon as the treats are eaten.

Bibi (short for Beyoncé Nilsbogadóttir, or Wilda Matilda as she was born as why her name’s what it is is a story for another time, kid) now got to that certain age where there was only flowers and bees, and a staggering amount of nest building, in her little head. Not to diminish her mental capacity, as she can shake paws, give a high-five, spin around, lift and jump over and go under and go through and… You get the idea. The Baron also had enough of that “courting” he regarded more as cave-bun charm.

Apparently female rabbits also have a high risk of getting cancer in the reproductive organs – already at 7 % of the population are reported to be affected at the age of 3 years and up towards 60-80 % of the age of 5 (depending on breed). It was time to get her neutered.

Bibbs recovered well, but little could I relax during the weekend after the operation. Now, just over a week and a half later, we are back to the normal speed and the normal routine (which really was a week longer than she would have thought she needed herself, but the vet declared a risk for getting a hernia).

I guess you can understand that little progress has been made in the Realms of Hobby. I do have picked up the new Stormcast Eternals Battle-Tom (related to Traffic-James), if for nothing else then for that little advance in the timeline. The book itself is pretty, and I think its fun to have small little choices for all banners and lanterns etc. if for nothing else than added flavour. The new Gryph-Chargers are looking really nice too, and I think these are the most dynamic models I have seen – you can just feel the models darting around. I might very well pick some of these up at some point.

Self-reflecting here I am surprised at how intrigued I am by the world and how easily GW can fool money from me. (The new Stormcast boxes’ improved value is also nasty, in some oddly good sense of the word.)

I did pick up Gates of Azyr, too. This was after almost starting to read the first Realmgate Wars novel but realizing it actually has been started elsewhere. (You could be satisfied with what you can read in the starter box, though.) The story was surprisingly good, twisting the perspective back and forth between players and non-players so to say, and although it was not a literary master-piece I like the depth it gave the starter box characters. Also, it really started the story of the Mortal Realms in a very compelling way.

In related news, soon we have the next part of The Tale of Two Back-logged Nerds coming, and some chaotic multiplayer 40k Bat-Reps shouldn’t be too far down the pipeline. (Orks or Dark Angels, though, whaddya think?)

Don’t keep your bunnies in a cage, teach them a new trick, and we’ll meet again soon! Thanks for reading!


2 responses to “I’ve got a theory, it could be bunnies!

  1. Thanks for posting your view on the gates of azyr book. Since buying the latest Warhammer Quest game I’m really starting to be drawn into all the AoS stuff. I’ve still got to paint the models from the Silver Tower box though, so no shopping for me!

    Really enjoying the blog too.

    • Thanks for reading! Having played WHFB for 10 years before AoS struck it took a while for me to come into terms with it, but we are a few that’s enjoying the game and really being able to work at the front of new stuff that is being released is rewarding in itself. I really like the Realmgate books too!

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