Three-way Traffic James – A three player Dropzone Commander BatRep

The time has come for the magnificent face-off of three nooby Dropzone Commanders! Read on for some proper UCM vs Scourge vs Shaltari action!

I think it was supposed to be my very first game, this three-player battle royale between my Shaltari, Mr. Easter’s UCM and Chaos Beakie’s  Scourge. It took a while, and it didn’t turn out to be quite my first game – but in the end we manage to set it up. Maybe we can start counting the games as real games from now?

Between this game, and the last I wrote about, we actually had time for another game as well: Summarizing it, I pushed my Kukri a bit too fast forward, which ended with me losing them spectacularly and, in the end, the game too in a similarly spectacular manner. With all of those UCM flyers around, and only little AA in my list, much weight is on the performance of these three little tanks.

But to more recent events! Beware though, between three players, shaltarigans and much too much banter, I doubt I can describe everything accurately – but I hope you can bear with me!


↑ This time we still kept to our previous 700 point lists (see HERE), the main difference being that my Commander is now painted (fanfare). This is the Scourge – their level 3 commander is one of the small AT skimmers.

The Mission
This time we fight over 30 something possible objectives, 5 of which are actual objectives. Let’s see if the UCM are as lucky as they were last time.


Turn 1. All three forces take their forward positions. Going from the Shaltari perspective, the UCM take the left-hand corner, the Shaltari the right-hand, and the Scourge go opposite of the Shaltari. A maximum coverage is striven for from all parts. However, the Scourge take a position in the middle of the board as much as possible while the rest keep to their corners. The UCM appear to be most forward in their deployment, while the Shaltari hunker back a bit, in preparation for what’s to come. A few buildings are damaged.


↑ Turn 2. Infantry investigate, group by group, their target locations. All come empty handed except for the UCM which successfully find an Actual Objective, their Raven quickly transports them away. Other infantry hop forward.

The first actual shots are fired; Whereas previously only the buildings (and indirectly the infantry within them) were targets, now vehicles also are targeted. The Falcons do an impressive amount of damage and take out the two Slayers. Boudicca (the Coyote Commander) manages to take down a Rapier. Note the Tomahawks striking forward to check an objective before the Scourge and hoping for the opportunity to act before the Hunters can strike back – and indeed it is an actual one!

UCM 2 – Shaltari 1 – Scourge 0


↑Turn 3. The Tomahawks indeed get to activate before the Hunters can strike. And even better, the Eden can take the objective out in a single turn! The Scourge Reapers go second and do massive damage to the UCM air force by taking out the Falcons and a Gondor Condor. The Reapers also find an actual objective to the frustration of Chaos Beakie, who is then left exposed holding valuable cargo. The UCM Sabres try to push back the gelatinous impostors, but fail miserably. The Scourge infantry are moving towards the empty corner taking all opportunities to turn rocks. Boudicca manages to punch holes in the two remaining Rapiers, much to the demise of the UCM forces somehow being pincered by two alien forces.

Then the Braves too find an objective and begin the extraction protocols. The Raven that secured the UCM objective take a long time to re-enter combat airspace.

Shaltari 3 – UCM 2- Scourge 1


↑ Turn 4. The battle progresses, but the Shaltari have already gained a strong upper hand as they are now able to extract the second objective. One objective is still missing, but the UCM are more or less stranded with most aircraft downed or under heavy fire. The UCM Sabres fail again to damage the Rapiers who are now falling back to e´their transport. Extraction of the Scourge objective is proving all but impossible before the end of the battle, however.

The Scourge are still gathering up the all the intel they can find, but none proves valuable. A trio of hunters try to cover the central locations but are shot down by Boudicca and the Tomahawks.

Shaltari 4 – UCM 2- Scourge 1

Dropzone commander multiplayer Shaltari UCM scourge

↑ Turn 5. The Scourge has conceded, but we roll a few dice to see if some one can find the final objective. It seems the Pungari will be these final heroes, and they stand in a building barely standing (1 point of hull left).

Shaltari 5 – UCM 2- Scourge 1


Endgame. There goes my allowance to complain about the UCM having luck when searching for objectives – Three objectives all in one side of the table. I actually rejoice of how much of a proper Shaltari victory it was as only a few infantry was lost. Mr. Easter suffered from an impressive shooting both by Boudicca, who took out the Rapiers (and also both enemy commanders!), and the Reapers who more or less immobilised the UCM forces.

Mr.Easter: The loss of much of my transports was one thing, but that the Raven which extracted the objective failed to turn up until the end of the game added to my force being locked in. Then the Sabres failed to damage the Reapers two turns in a row too!

PT: Yeah, the dice didn’t like you anywhere this game, did they?

Mr.E: Except for the Falcons’ shooting, must have been the first time they performed well!

PT: And performed well they did!

By playing carefully I also got advantage of that the most careful or defensive player is likely to come to the late game unscathed. This was not intentional from my part, but rather some careful, mayhap in-character, playing when facing a unknown foe.

Meeting the Scourge was fun, though, and glimpsing how much more damage one can do to buildings with appropriate equipment. For next time I leave an open request to try out a game using focal points instead (and fauna, please and thank you).


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