Warchief of the Iceni – A Dropzone Commander Shaltari Coyote/Ramses Showcase

Just in time for our three player bonanza I finish up my Shaltari Commander to have a painted leader of the shaltarigans on the table for my first encounter with the Scourge.

When first picking a commander for my Shaltari I was up for a tough choice. With little experience from the game to draw from, I ended picking up one entirely on aestetic grounds – it was Ramses for me (read the unboxing HERE).

So far I am happy with my choice; I like the Shaltari walkers, I like the long range and I like the slightly higher armour (compared to the Gharial). I wouldn’t mind the extra firepower though, but I am happy I am not paying the extra points for that, its hard to get everything you want fit into a small list.

After two games where Boudicca has done a rather impressive damage to the enemy forces so I thought it was the right time to honour her with some paint. It certainly also helped to have a three way game coming up too.

Enough words! To the pictures!

Stay tuned to see how the three-way game went. Did a fresh paint job help? 😉



8 responses to “Warchief of the Iceni – A Dropzone Commander Shaltari Coyote/Ramses Showcase

    • Thanks! It’s actually no blending but rather thin layers of transparent paint. Originally I hadn’t too much blue in my army, but after watching a few youtube videos on colours, contrasts and shading bright colours I came to this for Ramses: A spot colour that is complementary to the main colour makes it pop.

      I think its Vince Venturella and Uncle Atom (on TableTopMinions) that touched upon this.

  1. Wow, that is really smart mate – shows your colour scheme off beautifully! Does look like it might be a bit of a bullet magnet though… 😉

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