Shaltarigans Illustrated – Dropzone Commander Propaganda

The brushslingers of mankind work up some anti-Shaltari propaganda as I finish a humour piece I started with my Dropzone Commander journey.

Back when just starting my Dropzone Commander adventure, I picked up my brush and not to rub it against plastics, resins or metal objects, but rather against that good old fibre mesh.

While at first it was first a humorous sketch, it evolved a bit to something (still not too serious) a bit more thought through. Anyhow it was fun to do some real painting after a little longer time.

Shaltarigans - Dropzone Commander anti-Shaltari propaganda

I like the no-nonsense countenance on the little hedgehog as he escapes a dying Earth. “Fudge this place and them humans, I’ll come back with ma homies!”


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