Calanax the Dracoth – A Stormcast Celestant Showcase

The reason I ended up with a Age of Sigmar starter was the Lord Celestant on Dracoth. As a pair of asteroids swoosh past Earth I (coincidentally?) find its time to paint him up.

It’s been a good read to go through the Realmgate Wars books that have been developing the Mortal Realms and the Age of Sigmar as a whole. Games Workshop can probably fool me for a few more books here (and knowing them, they will).

One of the scenes in the series that stuck with me best was when the Stormcast Eternals try to parley with a World Dragon (keeping the details vague for those who want to read the stuff). Calanax saves the situation like an Italian gangster by pulling the blood-ties card: *with an Italian accent* “Ya know, you’re basically my Great Uncle, right? And here we are fighting a common foe, capice?”

Again, maybe I am keeping the actual events, say alternative, for those who want to read it.

Calanax stuck with me from then on, and then the Dracothian Guard stuck with me. A while later I am sitting with a Stormcast-half of a starter for not too many more euros than what I would have needed to pay for the model on ebay.

And here it is painted up.

I went actually for som old school colours, thinking 3rd or 4th edition fantasy, with bright colours, often primary, and no metals to talk about. This leads to something almost NMM-ish, but still not entirely so.

Overall I am very happy, but the banner is a bit so-and-so. I couldn’t get it right and more colour here will not help. Luckily I think I successfully managed to direct the eye to the red rider and the green Dracoth’s head.


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