Have You Met Murr and Purr? -A Kitteh Showcase

I spontaneously pick up, and promptly paint, two 28mm cat minis for Wolsung, but I’ve got a plan for them.

GW’s print on demand series has been very nice to see, with crazy amounts of stuff that I at least get nostalgic on. My fingers have been itching a lot of the time, but when the female inquisitors returned, however briefly, I knew I had to go for it. I already had been watching ebay closely for a reasonably priced one (not say £40 and above) over a year.

When picking up this one, I was also already clicking frantically at the “Buy some Space Monkeys” (read: Jokaero, the Space Wolves are in fact chihuahuas on steroids no matter what recent releases look like). But, no, they were sold out bought by the nerds before me.

But not too long after the mini finally arrived (with an Ikit Claw compadre if anyone’s interested in all details of my indulgences), a fellow blogger wrote a post about all his space kittehs and the coming Gyrinx (READ ALL ABOUT IT). This tingled me in the right corner of the brain, and before I knew it I had found Wolsung’s Scylla Exploding Cats. These would be my Jokaero, with their bomb belt extensive set of highly advanced tools. One even has two automatic muzzles protruding from the pack. How awesome isn’t that!?

As for RPGs I have been looking for some sort of familiar(s) for my character. I felt that was the right way to do, I had almost decided on a badger – very inspired by the Dark Tower’s Oy (good luck finding a real 28mm Oy) and its interesting symbolism in different cultures (that’s again strangely overlapping in spite of time and place). But a cat seems right. Plus they have  nine lives so I can argue why they are not squished every time a spiteful GM sees them.

I couldn’t help but paint them up straight away here’s what they ended up looking like, the ginger tabby Murr (or possibly Purr) and then the other one, a siamese.

Super tiny!

And I lift my hat to Microarts Studios who’ve made these, nice sculpt, no flaws and very detailed. E.g. they have discrete sculpted-on fur that makes painting them so much easier! Five by Five! (And they’ve got ninja cats for Wolsung too!)


3 responses to “Have You Met Murr and Purr? -A Kitteh Showcase

    • Yeah, I can hear the M:I theme starting playing (and/or MacGyver) and see them start tinkering with something. And without opposable thumbs – it’s like One Of Nature’s Mysteries!

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